Sony Ericsson Music Phone SO903i

12 October 2006 by axxxr
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NTT DoCoMo have announced the Sony Ericsson S0903i Music Phone for the Japanese market.

This is a bright shiny clamshell phone with buttons on the exterior for all the music functions,strange as this is not a Walkman branded phone.It has a QVGA display using the same Reality MAX technology thats in the BRAVIA HD TV's,It also has a stamina mode which allows almost 45 hours of running time in walkman mode,with a 3.2Mpix camera with image stabilizer,altogether its a nice mobile device which comes in four seperate colours,just a shame that this won't be coming over to our shores. source:sony ericsson esato forum


  • 125g including battery
  • color: black white orange yellow
  • 105x50x20mm
  • batt type: Li
  • batt size: 870mAh
  • 145min talk time
  • 90min video conference
  • 515hrs standby (stationary)
  • 450hrs standby (moving/ on the go)
  • 3" TFT screen, resolution 240x432 262,144 colours External 1.5" 128x128 262,144 colour TFT screen
  • text display:
  • largest font 24x24dots 10characters x 15.3rows
  • medium font
  • small font
  • internal speaker: stereo, 2x; 14mm diameter each
  • internal memory: 1Gb including DataBox bundled memory card: none
  • PRO Duo to 4GB
  • duo to 128MB
  • MiniSD to 2GB
  • camera:
  • 3.3MP CMOS sensor, effective 3.2MP
  • digital zoom: 16x max for stills, 4x max for video
  • autofocus: supported
  • (digital) anti-shake: both stills and videos
  • internal camera: 0.11MP sensor, 0.11MP effective




    On 21 Oct 06:27 TranPhuong wrote
    How much? I like very much
    On 20 Oct 19:27 Helix wrote
    I want! Gimme gimme gimme :D
    On 18 Oct 00:17 ym0t wrote
    That's unfair!!!
    On 16 Oct 16:03 O wrote
    what the hell! so cool..........
    On 16 Oct 07:52 shinbo wrote
    why do japs always have all the fun first (or only)?
    ever thought of migrating to japan? lol!
    On 14 Oct 16:34 JJ wrote
    I Want one
    On 14 Oct 14:10 AamirAliAfzalAizaz wrote
    just one word:
    On 14 Oct 13:41 WIFIGUY wrote
    Yum yum yum i want one.
    On 14 Oct 13:19 Usman wrote
    This is very cool,i really like black one!
    Very very sexy mobile.
    On 14 Oct 12:16 PoKiRi wrote
    this mobiles rocks ;)
    On 14 Oct 11:23 etaab wrote
    Duo & miniSD ? two card slots ?
    On 14 Oct 09:46 kinjalpatel wrote
    it's realy unbiliable.
    On 14 Oct 08:44 Ranjith wrote
    supports MiniSD????
    On 14 Oct 02:50 tindo196 wrote
    a whooping 3"qvga screen well thats something considering its clamshell
    On 13 Oct 21:41 SloopJohnB wrote
    It looks like what the iphone should look like! ahaha GREAT! too bad its only the japs..
    On 13 Oct 20:39 Abbas wrote
    This is cooooooool ........ man
    On 13 Oct 20:38 Xugaa wrote
    The black one!


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