About Esato

Esato was founded in the year 2001 and was mainly targeted at Sony Ericsson mobile phone users. We started with a couple of services offering free ringtones, grayscale logos for the Ericsson T39 and R520 models. We have expanded the service to include free color backgrounds for over 50 mobile phone models. Other popular services are the discussion forum for anyone interested in topics about mobile phones and accessories. Even if the focus was targeted at Sony Ericsson owners, we now have separate forums for owners of other brands. The most popular sections are the News, Blog, discussion forum, Free themes, free color backgrounds and a service where users can upload images from a PC and download a converted image down to their mobile phone.

All of our services are free of charge and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Since the opening of the site in the beginning of August 2001 the traffic have been rising to a level that we did not thought was possible in such a short time. Especially after the release of the popular Ericsson T68 and later Sony Ericsson T610, everyone wanted to get more information about this phone and download free logos and ring tones. And is the place to get this.

For November 2010, the numbers were

  • 908.000 unique visitors
  • 9.600.000 Pageviews
(Source: Google Analytics)

Close to 80,000 users visits the Esato web site every day, and we serve more than 350,000 web pages per day to these visitors.