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beTouch E100, beTouch E101, beTouch E200, DX650, Liquid, M900, neoTouch P400, neoTouch S200

B520, Crystal, ELLE GlamPhone, ELLE No 3, L700, Lollipops, Mandarina Duck, Mandarina Duck Moon, Miss Sixty, One Touch 156a, One Touch 355a, One Touch 535, OT 156, OT 332, OT 332a, OT 355, OT 531, OT 535, OT 556, OT 557, OT 565, OT 735, OT 756, OT 757, OT 835, OT-102, OT-103, OT-106, OT-108, OT-111, OT-202, OT-203, OT-206, OT-208, OT-216, OT-222, OT-252, OT-255, OT-280, OT-300, OT-301, OT-303, OT-305, OT-363, OT-380, OT-383, OT-505, OT-508A, OT-565, OT-600, OT-606 One Touch CHAT, OT-660, OT-708 One Touch MINI, OT-710, OT-880 One Touch XTRA, OT-909 One Touch MAX, OT-C507, OT-C550, OT-C551, OT-C552, OT-C555, OT-C560, OT-C630, OT-C635, OT-C651, OT-C652, OT-C656, OT-C700A, OT-C701, OT-C707, OT-C717, OT-C750, OT-C825, OT-E101, OT-E157, OT-E158, OT-E159, OT-E160, OT-E201, OT-E205, OT-E207, OT-E220, OT-E221, OT-E225, OT-E227, OT-E230, OT-E252, OT-E256, OT-E257, OT-E259, OT-E260, OT-E265, OT-E801, OT-E805, OT-I650 PRO, OT-I650 SPORT, OT-PRO, OT-S107, OT-S120, OT-S121, OT-S210, OT-S211, OT-S215A, OT-S218, OT-S319, OT-S320, OT-S520, OT-S521A, OT-S621, OT-S626A, OT-S692, OT-S853, OT-S920, OT-SPORT, OT-V212, OT-V270, OT-V570, OT-V607A, OT-V670, Roadsign, Samsung T339

2560, 2561, 6201, A10, A100, A102, A200, A203, A210, A211, A310, A320, A865, A869, A90, A90B, A9B, CA6, CA8, CMA8170, CS6, E72, E76, E78, E860, F320, F620, F99b, H8, H80, H801, H802, H810, H812, H815, M33, M360, M630, M636, M650, S6, V810, WMA8508

DL66, GC338, GC666, GC668, GC669, i929, i939, K88, S24, T518, T618, T628, T718+, T728, T808, T818, T828, V520, V866, V868, V876

iPhone, iPhone 1G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

J208, J501, J502, M303, M307, M310, M930, nuvifone M10, P320, P505, P525, P526, P527, P535, P550, P552w, P735, P750, P835, V55, V66, V75, V80, V88i, Z801, Z810

2330, 2660, 2680 slide, 2720, 6350, 6555, 8525, A777, Arena, Aria, Breeze, Breeze 2, C610, C630, C905a, CE110, CF360, CU515, Duo, eXpo, Flight, GU292, GU295, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, Matrix, Matrix Pro, MOTO EM330, Mural, Mustang, Mythic, Neon, Nokia 2600, Nokia 2610, Nokia 6085, Pre Plus, Pure, Pursuit, Quickfire, RAZR V3xx, RAZR2 V9x, Rugby A837, Rugby II, Samsung A127, Samsung A237, Samsung A437, Samsung A637, Samsung A737, Samsung SLM, Samsung Sync, Shine, Shine II, Strive, Tilt 2, Tilt 8925, Tundra, W350, W518a, W580, W760, Z310, Z750a, Z9

A500, A520, C30, C36, E53, E55, E72, EL71, M100, M220, M300, M305, M315, M350, M580, M7, M775C, P30, P31, P50, S660C, S668C, S670C, S680C, S700, S80, T33, T51, T60, U700, Z150, Z2

A38, A53, A58, AL26, C31, C32, C81, CF61, CL71, E52, E61, E71, E81, EF61, EF71, EF81, EF91, EL71, M81, P51, Q-fi EF71, S68, S81, S88, s88, SF71, SL80, SL91

A53, A58, C31, C32, CF61, CL71, E52, E61, E71, E81, EF61, EF71, EF81, EF91, EL71, P51, Q-fi EF71, S81, S88, SF71, SL91

A120, A130, A150, D515, D611, D612, D615, D636, D660, D680, D706, D716, D720, D736, DV10, G118, M01, M07, M08, M11, M19, M29, M32, MP300, S1130, S1160 Plus, S1190, S296, S296+, S570, S580, S590, S618, S661, S663, S667, S668, S669, S698, S758, S768, S788, S789, S798, S890, SC24, V09, V109, V5510, V5518+, V79

7100g, 7100r, 7100t, 7100v, 7100x, 7105t, 7130c, 7130e, 7130g, 7130v, 7230, 7290, 7510, 7520, 7730, Pearl 8100, Pearl 8110, Pearl 8120, Pearl Flip 8220

RIM 6720, RIM 7230, RIM 7290, RIM 7730, RIM 8230 Flip, RIM Pearl Flip 8220

BY 111 B-Forever, BY 200 B-Cool, BY 333 B-InTouch, BY 400 B-Unique, BY 500 B-Smart, BY 505 B-Jadoo, BY 555 B-Zing, BY 600 B-Fun, BY 700 B-Easy, BY 999 B-Elegant, C 404 B-Stylish, GC 444 B-Eloquent

208, 218, 228, 308, 318, 328, A90, JMS-110



Sidekick ID

Flash, Thunder

585, 818 Pro, 838, 858, C500, D600, P5500, P800w, P860, S1, T2222 Touch Viva

R520, R600, T39, T65, T68

G500+, M500, M600+, M700

2040i, 2080, B400, B600, B700 Duo, DS100, DS150, DS180, DS210, DS400, DS420, DS500, E105, E110, E115, E120, E125, E300, E310 Attitude, Hummer HT1, Hummer HT2, IQ-110, LX500, LX600 Mega, LX610 Mega, M140, MC100, MC110, MC120, MC130, MC140, MP500, MP600, SL110, SL120, ST100, SX200, SX210, SX220, SX225, SX230, SX300, SX305, SX310, SX315, V100

Nuvifone M10

Mobile DST Business, Mobile DST Diamond, Mobile DST Picco, Mobile DST Sense, Mobile DST Surf, Mobile DST01, Mobile DST10, Mobile DST11, Mobile DST12, Mobile DST13, Mobile DST22, Mobile DST250, Mobile DST33, Mobile DST350, Mobile DST3G Cool, Mobile DST3G Smart, Mobile DST450, Mobile DST500, Mobile DST700, Mobile DST800, Mobile DSTM1 Music phone, Mobile DSTQ300, Mobile DSTS1, Mobile DSTS3 Visual, Mobile DSTW1, Mobile FB1907, Mobile G333, Mobile G777, Mobile GF2F

GSmart i120, GSmart i300, GSmart MS800, GSmart MS802, GSmart MS804, GSmart MW700, GSmart MW702, GSmart S1200

A600, A66, A7, Black Pearl, F1100, L1000, M1000, M1100, M1200, M160, M2000, M260, M80, N70, N90, U56, U60, V100, V1000, V160, V190, V200, V2000, V6000, V6100, V6200, V700, V7000, V730, Z300, Z3000, Z7000, Z7100, Z8000

Treo 600 (GSM Edition)

Fin, Heat, Mysto, Ocean, Ocean 2


514, Data Messenger


h6310, h6315, h6320, h6325, hw6510, hw6515, hw6910, hw6915, rw6815, rw6818, rw6828, Voice Messenger

Rw6800 / Quanta O2 Xda Atom

5800 Fusion, 6500, 8525, Aria, Blue Angel, Canary, Desire, Dream, Droid Eris, Faraday, Feeler, Fortress, HD mini, HD2, Hero, Himalayas, Hurricane, Imagio, Juno, Kaiser, Legend, M650, Magic, MAX 4G, Mogul, MTeoR, P2470, P3300, P3300 Artemis, P3350, P3350 Love, P3400, P3400 Gene, P3470, P3470 Pharos, P3600, P3600 Trinity, P3600i, P4000, P4350, P4350 Herald, P6300, P6500, PPC6800, Prophet, Pure, Rhodium, S310, S310 Oxygen, S620, S630, S710, S710 Vox, S720 Fusion, S730, S740, S743, Shadow, Smart, Sprint Hero, Star Trek, Tanager, Tattoo, Tilt 8925, Tilt2, Tornado, Touch, Touch 3G, Touch Cruise, Touch Cruise 09, Touch Diamond2, Touch Dual, Touch HD, Touch HD T8285, Touch Pro2, Touch Pro2 CDMA, Touch Viva, Touch XV6900, Touch2, TyTN, TyTN II, Voyager, Warhawk, Wing, Wizard, XV6800

C2299, C2900, C5005, C5330, C5588, C7100, C7200, G7002, M318, M328, M750, T201, T202, T208, T209, T210, T211, T261L, T330, T552, T565, T710, U1000, U1100, U120, U121, U1250, U1310, U3300, U550, U7300, U7310, U7510

JAM, JAM Black, JAMin, JAQ, JASJAM, K-JAM, K-JAR, PDA2, PDA2k, Pocket PC, Smartflip, Smartphone, Smartphone2, SP3, SP3i, SP4m, SP5, SP5m, SPJAS, SPL

101, 201, 202, 315, 318, 319, 320, 510, 518, 520, 522, 5220, 523, 5230, 613, 625, 627, 638CG, 902, 903, Hitz 210, Hitz 212, Hitz 232CG, TV 530, TV 533, TV 535, TV 536, TV 620, TV 626, TV 628, TV 630, TV550 Touch, TV650 Touch

810-F, JAM, JAM Black, JAMA, JAMA 101, JAMin, JASJAM, K-JAM, PDA2, PDA2k, PDAL, Pocket PC, Smartflip, Smartphone, Smartphone2, SP3, SP3i, SP4m, SP5, SP5m, SPJAS, SPL, Ultimate 8502

A10, GB230, INNO 100, INNO 110, INNO 120, INNO 30, INNO 50, INNO 55, INNO 70, INNO 75, INNO 78, INNO 79, INNO 80, INNO 89, INNO 90, INNO 99, INNO A10, INNO A20, INNO P10

INQ1, Mini 3G

Aura I - 1224, IN 1210, IN 20, IN 2020, IN 2222, IN 2233, IN 2244, IN 3030, IN 3060, IN 3080, IN 3333, IN 4040, IN 4060, IN 4410, IN 4455, IN 4466, IN 4477, IN 4488, IN 4495, IN 5000, IN 5040, IN 5050, In 5555, IN 6611 Ace, IN 6622, IN 80, iSmart, Ultima I - 1170

iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S

K1, K217, K300, K310, K330, K331, K332, K443, K444, K445, K447, K450, K451, K455, K460, K541, K550, K551, K560, K650, K661, K770, KC320, KC410, KC441, KC555, KC750

E1000 Deco, E1100 Neo, E2000 Tempo, E2500, E3100 Rio, E3500, E4000 Solo, E4600, Jax, K352, K612B, M1400 Laylo, M2000 G2GO, S1300 JAX, S1300 Melo, S1310 Domino, S1600, S2400 Adreno, S2400 TNT, S2410 Tomo, S4000 Mako, SE47, TNT, X-tc

A9, ARC 02, KKT-1, KKT-11, KKT-12, KKT-22, KKT-24, KKT-25, KKT-30

ET860, i510, i880, i910, P790, P809, S50, TD800, TD900

160, 220C, 260, 285, 290c, 410G, 5400, 600g, 7100, A130, A7150, AX-300, AX-310, AX-565, AX-585, AX-8600, B2000, B2050, B2070, B2100, B2150, B2250, Banter, BL20 New Chocolate, C105, C1100, C1150, C1200, C1300 / G4015, C1400, C2100, C2200, C2500, C2600, C3100, C3300, C3310, C3320, C3380, C3400, Calisto, CE110, CF360, CF750, CG180, CG225, CG300, Chocolate, Chocolate KE800, Chocolate KU800, Chocolate VX-8500, CP150, CU320, CU400, CU500, CU500V, CU515, CU575 Trax, CU720 Shine, CU915 Vu, Dare, Delete, F1200, F2100, F2250, F2300, F2400, F2410, F3000, F7200, F7250, F7250T, F9100, F9200, Fathom, Flare, Fusic, G1500, G1600, G1610, G1700, G1800, G4010, G4020 / G4050, G4050, G5200, G5300, G5310, G5400, G5400, G5500, G7000, G7020, G7030, G7050, G7070, G7100, G7110, G7120, G7200, G8000, GB102, GB106, GB109, GB110, GB125, GB130, GB160, GB170, GB175, GB190, GB210, GB230, GB230 Julia, GB250, GB270, GB280, GC900, GC900F, GD310, GD330, GD350, GD510 Pop, GD580 Lollipop, GD710 Shine II, GD880 Mini, GD900 Crystal, GD910, Glance, GM200, GM200 Brio, GM205, GM210, GM310, GM730, GM730 Eigen, GM750, GS106, GS107, GS155, GS170, GS190, GS200, GT350, GT365, GT500, GT500 Puccini, GT505, GT540, GT540 Swift, GT950 Arena, GU230, GU280, GU280 Popcorn, GU285, GU290, GU292, GU295, GW370 Shannon, GW520, GW520 Cookie 3G, GW525, GW620, GW620 InTouch Max, GW620R Eve, GW820 eXpo, GW880, GX200, GX300, HQ, Incite, K880, KB770, KB775 Scarlet, KC550, KC560, KC780, KC910 Renoir, KC910i Renoir, KD876, KE260, KE500, KE590, KE600, KE770 Shine, KE800, KE820, KE850 Prada, KE970 Shine, KE990 Viewty, KF240, KF245, KF300, KF305, KF310, KF311, KF350, KF390, KF510, KF600, KF700, KF750 Secret, KF755 Secret, KF757, KF757 Secret, KF900 Prada, KG110, KG120, KG130, KG190, KG195, KG200, KG210, KG220, KG225, KG240, KG245, KG270, KG275, KG280, KG288, KG290, KG300, KG320, KG330, KG375, KG800, KG810, KG810-bulk, KG920, KM330, KM335, KM338, KM380, KM386, KM500, KM501, KM555E, KM710, KM900 Arena, KP100, KP105, KP108, KP110, KP130, KP152, KP170, KP175, KP199, KP200, KP202, KP210, KP215, KP220, KP235, KP260, KP265, KP270, KP320, KP330, KP500 Cookie, KP501 Cookie, KP502 Cookie, KS10, KS10 JOY, KS20, KS360, KS365, KS500, KS660, KT520, KT770, KU2100, KU250, KU311, KU380, KU385, KU580, KU730, KU800, KU950, KU970 Shine, KU990, KU990 Viewty, L1100, L3100, L341i, L341i, L342i, L343i, L5100, L600v, L650V, LU2100, LW310 Helix, LX140 Aloha, LX160, LX260, LX290, LX370, LX400, LX550, M4300, M4330, M4410, M6100, MG100, MG160, MG180, MG295, MG320 Aegis, Monaco, MT375 Lyric, Muziq, Neon, Neon GT365, Opera TV, P7200, RD-6600, Rhythm, Rumor, Rumor 2, S5000, S5100, S5200, S5300, Scoop, Shine, Shine 2, Shine II, SU210, SU420 Cafe, Swift, T300 Cookie, T310 Cookie Style, T310 Wink Style, T320 Cookie 3G, T320 Wink 3G, T5100, Trax CU575, U300, U310, U370, U400, U8100, U8110, U8120, U8138, U8150, U8180, U8200, U8210, U8290, U830, U8330, U8360, U8380, U8550, U880, U890, U900, U960, UX-260, UX-280 Wine, UX-300, UX-310, UX-380, UX-565, UX-585, V9000, VN250 Cosmos, Voyager, VX-11000 enV Touch, VX-5500, VX-5600 Accolade, VX-8350, VX-8360, VX-8550 Chocolate, VX-8560 Chocolate 3, VX-8600, VX-8610 Decoy, VX-8700, VX-8800 Venus, VX-9400, W5200, W7000, W7020, Wave, Wine II, Xenon

MX-7600, MX-7750, MX-7830, MX-7920, MX-7940, MX-7990, MX-A30, MX-C11, MX-C110, MX-C160, MX-C180, MX-C20, MX-C60, MX-C80, MX-C90, MX-E10, MX-E80, MX-V10, MX-V30

C112, C2i, G4, GC255, GC360, GC400, H360, Q1, Q3, Q6, X100, X111, X113, X114, X115, X116, X118, X1i, X1i plus, X1u, X211, X215, X220, X225, X235, X250, X260, X280, X2i, X2i plus, X310, X330, X332, X360, X414, X500, X555, X800

Kin One, Kin Two

MIO 8380, MIO 8390, MIO 8860, MIO 8870, MIO A501, MIO A502, MIO A701, MIO A702, MIO Leap G50, MIO Leap K1, Mio8390, Mio8870

m21i, M320, M330, M341i/M720, M342i, M350, M430i/M900, M520, M528, M750, M760, M800

A1000, A1000 Communicator, A1010, A1200, A1200 Ming, A1210, A1600, A1800, A1890, A3000, A3100, A388c, A455 Rival, A6188, A630, A668, A728, A732, A760, A768i, A780, A810, A820, A830, A835, A840, A845, A910, A920, a925, Accompli 009, Active, BACKFLIP, Bali, C117, C123, C139, C155, C168, C257, C261, C350, C370, C380, C385, C390, C450, C550, C650, C975, C980, CLIQ, CLIQ XT, CN620, COCKTAIL VE70, DEXT MB220, E1000, E1060, E1070, E11, E1120, E365, E375, E378i, E380, E390, E398, E550, E680, E680i, E725, E770, E815, E895, EM25, EM28, EM30, Heron, i265, i290, i296, i335, i365, i365IS, i410, i465 Clutch, i576, i680 Brute, i776, i850, i856, i880, i890, i9 Stature, I920, I930, ic902 Deluxe, Karam Qa1, KRZR K1, KRZR K1m, KRZR K3, L2, L6, L800t, MC55, Moto Q, MOTO VE240, MOTO VU204, MOTOACTV W450, MOTOFONE F3, MOTOMING, Motus, MPX, MPx, MPX100, MPx100, MPX200, MPx200, MPX220, MPx220, MS400, PEBL, pebl u3, PEBL U3, PEBL U6, PEBL U6 (V6), PEBL VU20, Q, Q q9, QUENCH, Quench XT3, Rambler, RAZR maxx, RAZR MAXX V6, RAZR maxx V6, RAZR V3, RAZR V3 (b, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3m, RAZR V3x, RAZR V3x (V1150), RAZR V3xx, RAZR VE20, RAZR2 V8, razr2 v8, razr2 v9, RAZR2 V9, RAZR2 V9m, RAZR2 V9x, Rival, RIZR, rizr z10, RIZR Z10, RIZR Z3, RIZR Z6, RIZR Z6tv, RIZR Z8, RIZR Z8, ROKR E1, ROKR E2, ROKR E6, rokr e8, ROKR EM25, ROKR EM28, ROKR EM30, ROKR EM330, ROKR EM35, ROKR W5, ROKR W6, rokr z6, ROKR ZN50, sidekick slide, Sidekick Slide, SLVR L2, SLVR L6, SLVR L7, SLVR L7e, SLVR L9, SLVR V8, SLVRcam V2, SLVRlite V, T720, T720i / T722, Tundra VA76r, U9, u9, V1000, V1050, V1100, V1150, V150, V171, V176, V177, V180, V186, V188, V191, V195, V220, V226, V230, V235, V270, V280, V290, V291, V295, V300, V303, V323, V323i, V325, V325i, V360, V361, V3x, V400, V400p, V500, V501, V525, V535, V547, V555, V557, V560, V6, V600, V620, V635, V66i, V690, V750, V750 Adventure, V8, V80, v8088, V860 Barrage, V872, V878, V950 Renegade, V975, V980, VA76r, VA76r Tundra, VE240, VE440, VE538, VE66, VE70 COCKTAIL, VE75, VU30 Rapture, W160, w160, W161, W175, W177, w180, W180, W181, W205, W208, W209, w209, w213, W213, W215, W218, W220, W230, W231, W233 Renew, W260g, W270, W315, W360, W375, W376, W377, w377, W380, W385, W388, W395, W396, W450 Active, w490, W490, W510, W7 Active Edition, w755, W766 Entice, W845 Quantico, WX160, WX161, WX180, WX181, WX260, WX265, WX280, WX288, WX290, WX295, WX390, WX395, Z6c, Z6c World Edition, Z6w, Z9, ZINE ZN5, ZN200, ZN300, ZN5

Atom Life, Atom V, UBiQUiO 501, Zinc II

802, 804N, c616v, E101, e101, e1108, e121, e122, e228, E228, e232, e238, E313, e313, e338, E338, e353, e373, e525, e530, e540/N411i, e606, e616, e636, e808, e808y, e949/L1, L1, MP6J1E1-1F, N100, N109, N110, N150, N160, N200, N223i, N22i, N331i, N341i, N342i, N343i, N344i, N400i, N401i, N410i, N500, N500i, N500iS, N600, N600i, N610, N620, N700, N710, N750, N820, N830, N840, N850, N900, N900iG, N908, N910, N920, N923, N930, N938, N940

N1, N2

1006, 1100, 1101, 1110, 1110i, 1112, 1200, 1202, 1208, 1209, 1280, 1600, 1606, 1616, 1650, 1661, 1662, 1680 classic, 1800, 2100, 2220, 2220 slide, 2300, 2310, 2320 classic, 2323 classic, 2330 classic, 2600, 2600 classic, 2605 Mirage, 2610, 2626, 2630, 2650, 2652, 2660, 2680 slide, 2690, 2700 classic, 2700 Classic, 2705 Shade, 2710 Navigation Edition, 2720 fold, 2730 Classic, 2730 classic, 2760, 2865, 3100, 3105, 3108, 3109 classic, 3110 classic, 3110 Evolve, 3120, 3120 Classic, 3120 classic, 3125, 3128, 3200, 3205, 3208c, 3220, 3250, 3300, 3410, 3500, 3500 classic, 3510, 3510i, 3530, 3555, 3560, 3586i, 3587i, 3588i, 3589i, 3589i, 3595, 3600, 3600 slide, 3606, 3610 fold, 3620, 3650, 3660, 3710 Fold, 3710 fold, 3711, 3720 classic, 3720 Classic, 5000, 5030, 5030 XpressRadio, 5070, 5100, 5130 XpressMusic, 5132 XpressMusic, 5140, 5140i, 5200, 5220 XpressMusic, 5300, 5300 XpressMusic, 5310, 5310 XpressMusic, 5320 XpressMusic, 5330, 5330 Mobile TV Edition, 5330 XpressMusic, 5610, 5610, 5610 XpressMusic, 5630 XpressMusic, 5700, 5700 XpressMusic, 5730 XpressMusic, 6010, 6012, 6015i, 6016i, 6019i, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6060, 6070, 6080, 6085, 6086, 6100, 6101, 6103, 6108, 6110 Navigator, 6110 Navigator, 6111, 6112, 6120, 6120 classic, 6120 Classic, 6120c, 6121, 6121 classic, 6124 classic, 6125, 6126, 6131, 6131 NFC, 6133, 6136, 6151, 6170, 6170, 6200, 6205, 6208c, 6210 Navigator, 6212 classic, 6212 Classic, 6216 Classic, 6216 classic, 6220, 6220 Classic, 6220 classic, 6225, 6230, 6233, 6234, 6255, 6260 slide, 6263, 6265, 6265i, 6267, 6270, 6275, 6275i, 6280, 6282, 6288, 6290, 6300, 6300i, 6301, 6301, 6303 classic, 6303 Classic, 6303i Classic, 6303i classic, 6350, 6500 Classic, 6500 classic, 6500 slide, 6500 Slide, 6510, 6555, 6560, 6585, 6600, 6600 Fold, 6600 fold, 6600 slide, 6600 Slide, 6600i slide, 6600i Slide, 6610, 6610i, 6630, 6650, 6650, 6650, 6650 Fold, 6650 T-Mobile, 6700 classic, 6700 Classic, 6700 slide, 6700 Slide, 6710 Navigator, 6720 Classic, 6720 classic, 6730 classic, 6730 Classic, 6760 Slide, 6760 slide, 6788, 6790 Surge, 6800, 6810, 6820, 6822, 7020, 7070 Prism, 7100 Supernova, 7200, 7205 Intrigue, 7210, 7210 Supernova, 7230, 7250, 7250i, 7260, 7270, 7310 Supernova, 7360, 7370, 7373, 7390, 7500, 7500 Prism, 7510 Supernova, 7600, 7600, 7610 Supernova, 7650, 7900, 7900 Crystal Prism, 7900 crystal prism, 7900 Prism, 8600 Luna, 8800 Arte, 8800 Carbon Arte, 8800 Gold Arte, 8800 Sapphire Arte, 8910i, C1-00, C1-01, C1-02, C2-00, C5, C5 TD-SCDMA, C5-00, E50, E51, E51 camera-free, E52, E55, E60, E61, E62, E63, E65, E66, E70, E75, Mako, Mural, Mural 6750, N-Gage, N-Gage QD, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N79, N80, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N85, N86, N86 8MP, N90, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N96, Snapper, Surge, Tresher, X2, X3, X3-02, X5 TD-SCDMA

Cocoon, Cosmo, Ice, Jet, Orbit, X1b, X1i, X2, X2i, X3, X4, X7, XDA

Argon, Atom, Atom Exec, Atom Life, Comet, Graphite, Guide, II, II Min, II mini, IIi, IIs, Mini S, mini S, Neo, Nova, Orbit, Orbit II, Orion, phone, Star, Stealth, Stellar, Terra, Trion, Zinc

XM, Xphone, Xphone II, Xphone IIm

SPV C500, SPV C550

Pre, Pre Plus, Treo 700w, Treo 750, Treo 750v

A200, A210, A500, G50, G60, GD67, GD87 (USA), MX6, MX7, P341i, SA6, SA7, SC3, Toughbook CF-P1, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, X100, X11, X200, X300, X400, X500, X66, X68/X77, X70, X700, X800, X88, Z800

Breeze, Breeze 2, C150, C510, C600, C610, C630, C710, CDM-8635, Duo, G200, G300, G500, G600, G670, G700, G800, G900, GB100, GB200, GB300, GF100, GF200, GF500, GI100, Impact, Matrix, Matrix C740, Matrix Pro, Ocean, P1000, PG-1000s, PG-1200, PG-1300, PG-1400, PG-1500, PG-1600, PG-1800, PG-1900, PG-2800, PG-3200, PG-3300, PG-3500, PG-3600, PG-3600V, PG-3900, PG-6100, PG-6200, PG-8000, PG3000, PN-820, PU-5000, Pursuit, Q80, U-4000

Arc, Casio G'zOne c711, CDM-7126, CDM-8074VM, CDM-8635, CDM-8950, CDM-8964, CDM-8965, CDM8975, Escapade WP8990, GTX75, Knick, Shuttle, TXT8020

160, 162, 180, 191, 192, 193, 290, 292, 298, 330, 355, 362, 390, 392, 399, 530, 535, 550, 568, 580, 588, 598, 630, 636, 639, 650, 655, 659, 680, 692, 699 Dual SIM, 755, 759, 760, 766, 768, 855, 859, 868, 892, 960, 968, C600, C700, C702, C8000, CT9608, D908, E100, E102, E210, F610, M200, M600, S220, S660, S800, S880, S890, S900, TM700, W186, X100, X312, X320, X500, X510, X550, X620, X630, X650, X710, Xenium 189, Xenium 289, Xenium 9@98, Xenium 9@9e, Xenium 9@9f, Xenium 9@9g, Xenium 9@9h, Xenium 9@9i, Xenium 9@9j, Xenium 9@9k, Xenium 9@9m, Xenium 9@9q, Xenium 9@9r, Xenium 9@9s, Xenium 9@9t, Xenium 9@9u, Xenium 9@9v, Xenium 9@9w, Xenium 9@9z, Xenium X300, Xenium X501, Xenium X503, Xenium X520, Xenium X530, Xenium X600, Xenium X700

1010, 2020, 2020i, 7070, 8010, 8020, 8060, 8080, 8100, 8300, 8310, 8500, 8600, 9090, 9100, 9600, A9100, S100, S110, S200

MY 300X, MY 400X, MY 405X, MY 600X, MY 800X, MY 900C, MY C-2, MY C-3b, MY C-3s, MY C-4, MY C-5w, MY C-6, MY C2-2, MY C2-3, MY C3-2, MY C4-2, MY C5-2, MY C5-3, MY G5, MY S-7, MY V-55, MY V-56, MY V-65, MY V-75, MY V-76, MY V-85, MY X-2, MY X-4, MY X-8, MY X1-2, MY X2-2, MY X3-2, MY X5-2, MY X6-2, MY Z-3, MY Z-55, my101X, my150X, my200C, my200x, my210x, my215x, my220x, my226x, my230x, my231x, my234x, my300C, my301X, my302X, my312x, my400v, my401C, my401X, my401Z, my411c, my411C Oxbow, my411X, my419x, my421x, my421z, my429x, my500X, my501c, my501X, my511X, my519x, my521x, my600v, my700X, my721x, my721z, my730c, my750x, my810x, my850C, my901C, MyC-3, MyC-3b, myMobileTV, myMobileTV 2, MyS-7, myW-7, MyX-2a, MyX-4, myX-5, MYX-5-2, MyX-6, myX-6, myX-7, MyX-7, MyX-8, MyX5-2, myZ-5, P9521 Porsche, Puma Phone, Roland Garros, SG 321i, VS1, VS2, VS3, VS4

SGH-300, 705SC, 706SC, 707SC, 708SC, 709SC, 805SC, 820SC, 821SC, 920SC, A117, A127, A167, A237, A300, A411, A437, A517, A657, A687 Strive, A697 Sunburst, A711, A717, A727, A737, A746, A777, A797 Flight, A827 Access, A837 Rugby, A867 Eternity, A877 Impression, A887 Solstice, A897 Mythic, Alias, Alias 2, Alias 2 (SCH-u750), Armani, B110, B130, B200, B210, B2100, B2100 Xplorer, B2700, B2710, B300, B320, B3310, B3313, B3410, B3410W Ch@t, B500, B510, B520, B5310 CorbyPRO, B5702, B5722, B7300 Omnia LITE, B7300 OmniaLITE, B7610 OmniaPRO, B7620 Giorgio Armani, C100, C110, C120, C130, C140, C140, C160, C170, C180, C200, C210, C230, C240, C250, C260, C260, C270, C275, C300, C3010, C3050, C3053, C3060, C3060R, C3110, C3200 Monte Bar, C3212, C327, C3300K Champ, C3510 Corby POP, C3510 Genoa, C3730C, C400, C417, C450, C500, C5010 Squash, C510, C5130, C5130, C520, C5212, C5212, C5220, C5510, C6112, Convoy, Corby Mate, Corby Plus, Corby Pro B5310, Corby Speed, Corby TV, D100, D300, D347, D407, D410, D428, D488, D500, D510, D520, D550, D600, D700, D710, D720, D730, D780, D800, D807, D810, D820, D830, D830 Ultra 9.9, D840, D870, D880 Duos, D900, D980, Dash, E100, E105, E1070, E1080T, E1085T, E1100, E1107 Crest Solar, E1110, E1117, E1120, E1125, E1130B, E1150, E1160, E1170, E1175, E1210, E1310, E1360, E1390, E1410, E200, E200 ECO, E210, E2100, E2100B, E2120, E2130, E215, E2152, E2210B, E230, E2370, E250, E251, E2510, E2550 Monte Slider, E300, E310, E315, E316, E317, E320, E330, E340, E350, E350E, E360, E370, E380, E390, E400, E410, E420, E480, E490, E500, E530, E570, E600, E608, E610, E620, E630, E640, E690, E700, E700, E715, E720, E730, E740, E750, E760, E770, E780, E790, E800, E810, E820, E830, E840, E850, E860, E860v, E870, E880, E890, E898, E900, E910, E950, E958, F110, F200, F210, F250, F268, F270 Beat, F275, F300, F330, F338, f400, F400, F406, F408, f480, F480, F480i, F488, f490, F500, F500 Ultra Video, F510, F510 Ultra TV, F520, F700, Fin, Fizz, Flight SGH-a797, G400 Soul, G508, G600, G608, G618, G800, G808, G810, Galaxy Lite, Gleam, Gusto, Heat, Highnote M630, Hue, Hue II, i200, i250, i300, i300x, i310, i320, i400, i450, i500, i505, i520, i530, i550, i560, I5700 Galaxy Spica, i600, I6210, I6220 Star TV, i640, I700, i700, i710, i7110, i740, I7410, i750, I7500, I7500 Galaxy, I8000 Omnia II, I8000L, i8510 Innov8, i8510 INNOV8, i900 Omnia, Impact, Impact b, Impact sf, Impression, Instinct HD, J150, j150, J165, J200, J210, J400, J600, J610, J630, j700, J700, J750, J800 Luxe, Jitterbug J, KC780, Knack, L170, L310, L320, L600, L700, L700, L760, L770, l770, L870, Lucello, M110, M130, M130L Galaxy U, M140, M150, M200, M200, M2310, M2310, M2510, M2520 Beat Techno, M2710, M2710 Beat Twist, M300, M310, M320, M3200 Beat s, M3310, M3310L, M340 Mantra, M3510 Beat, M3510 Beat b, M3710 Corby Beat, M500, M510, M520, M530, M5650 Lindy, M600, M610, M620, M6710 Beat DISC, M715 T*OMNIA II, M7500 Emporio Armani, M7600 Beat DJ, M8800 Pixon, M8910 Pixon12, M8920, Metro TV, MMA-E630, Mpower 309, Muse, Mysto, Omnia II CDMA, P100, P107, P110, P180, P200, P220, P250, P260, P270, P310, P400, P500, P510, P520, P705, P710, P730, P735, P850, P860, P900, P910, P920, P930, P940, P960, R360 Messenger Touch, R520 Trill, S100, S200, S300, S3030 Tobi, S3100, S3110, S3310, S3370, S341i, S342i, S3500, S3550 Shark 3, S3600, S3650 Corby, S3650W Corby, S3653W, S400i, S401i, S410i, S500, S500i, S501i, S5050, S5150 Diva folder, S5200, S5230, S5230 Star, S5230W Star WiFi, S5350 Shark, S5500 Eco, S5510, S5530, S5550, S5550 Shark 2, S5560, S5560 Marvel, S5600, S5600 Preston, S5600v Blade, S5603, S5620 Monte, S5630C, S6700, S7070 Diva, S720i, S7220 Ultra b, S7220 UltraB, S730i, S7330, S7350 Ultra s, S7550 Blue Earth, S8000 Jet, S8300 UltraTOUCH, S8500 Wave, S9110, S9402 Ego, SCH-A645, SCH-A790, SCH-A870, SCH-i760, SCH-R100 Stunt, SCH-R210A Spex, SCH-R211, SCH-R310 Byline, SCH-R311 Axle, SCH-R400, SCH-R410, SCH-R430 MyShot, SCH-R430a MyShot, SCH-R450 Messager, SCH-R451C, SCH-R460 MyShot II, SCH-R470 TwoStep, SCH-R500, SCH-R520 Trill, SCH-R540, SCH-R550 JetSet, SCH-r550 JetSet, SCH-R560 Messager II, SCH-R561 Vice, SCH-R610, SCH-R630 Messager Touch, SCH-r810 Finesse, SCH-U310 Knack, SCH-U340, SCH-u340, SCH-u350 Smooth, SCH-U410, SCH-u410, SCH-U430, SCH-U450 Intensity, SCH-u450 Intensity, SCH-U490, SCH-u490 Trance, SCH-U540, SCH-U550, SCH-u640 Convoy, SCH-u650 Sway, SCH-U700, SCH-U740, SCH-U810 Renown, SCH-U900 Flipshot, SCH-U960 Rogue, SCH-W299, SCH-W699, Scotney, Serenata, Serene, SGH-A117, SGH-A127, SGH-A167, SGH-A226, SGH-A227, SGH-A237, SGH-A247 Pilar, SGH-A411, SGH-A437, SGH-A517, SGH-A551, SGH-A637, SGH-A657, SGH-A706, SGH-A707, SGH-A711, SGH-A717, SGH-A737, SGH-A746, SGH-A747 SLM, SGH-A777, SGH-A837 Rugby, SGH-A847 Rugby II, SGH-A886 Forever, SGH-B110, SGH-B130, SGH-B200, SGH-B210, SGH-B220, SGH-B300, SGH-B310R, SGH-B320, SGH-B500, SGH-B510, SGH-B520, SGH-C100, SGH-C110, SGH-C120, SGH-D428, SGH-D488, SGH-D520, SGH-D600, SGH-D720, SGH-D800, SGH-D840, SGH-D900, SGH-D900i, SGH-E300, SGH-E310, SGH-E330, SGH-E335, SGH-E350, SGH-E370, SGH-E530, SGH-E600, SGH-E630, SGH-E700, SGH-E710, SGH-E715, SGH-E720, SGH-E730, SGH-e747, SGH-E760, SGH-E770, SGH-E800, SGH-E860, SGH-E870, SGH-E900, SGH-F330, SGH-G600, SGH-G800, SGH-I300, SGH-I300X, SGH-j706, SGH-L760v, SGH-L810V, SGH-M310, SGH-P400, SGH-P510, SGH-P730, SGH-T100, SGH-T101G, SGH-T109, SGH-T119, SGH-T139, SGH-t139, SGH-T200, SGH-T201G, SGH-T219, SGH-T229, SGH-t239, SGH-T239, SGH-T301G, SGH-T329, SGH-T339, SGH-T369, SGH-T401G, SGH-T659 Scarlet, SGH-T746 Impact, SGH-U300, SGH-U600, SGH-U700, SGH-U800 Soul b, SGH-U900 Soul, SGH-V200, SGH-X100, SGH-X400, SGH-X430, SGH-X600, SGH-X660, SGH-Z130, SGH-Z140, SGH-Z300, SGH-Z500, SGH-Z510, SGH-Z540, SGH-Z700, Siren, Slash, Smooth, Snap, SPH-A310, SPH-A513, SPH-A800, SPH-A920, SPH-i325 Ace, SPH-M220, SPH-M240, SPH-M310, SPH-M320, SPH-M330, SPH-M350 Seek, SPH-m540, SPH-M540 Rant, SPH-M550 Exclaim, SPH-m550 Exclaim, SPH-M570 Restore, SPH-M800 Instinct, SPH-m810 Instinct s30, SPH-m850 Instinct HD, SPH-m900 Moment, Star 3G, Steel, Stride, Stripe, Sway, Sync, T*Omnia, T109, T119, T200, T219, T229, T339, T349, T359 Smiley, T401G, T409, T429, T439, T459 Gravity, T469 Gravity 2, T479 Gravity 3, T500, T509, T539 Beat, T559 Comeback, T609, T619, T629, T639, T659 Scarlet, T669 Gravity T, T700, T719, T729 Blast, T739 Katalyst, T749 Highlight, T819, T919 Behold, T929 Memoir, T939 Behold 2, Tint, Tocco, Trance, Trinity, U100, U300, U320 Haven, U450 DoubleTake, U460 Intensity II, U600, U700, U800 Soul b, U810 Renown, U900 Soul, UpStage, V100, V200, V205, V820L, VICE, Vodafone 360 H1, Vodafone 360 M1, W259 Duos, W531, W850, W880 AMOLED 12M, W9705, X100, X120, X140, X150, X160, X200, X210, X300, X400, X410, X426, X430, X450, X460, X466, X480, X486, X490, X500, X507, X510, X520, X530, X540, X550, X600, X610, X620, X630, X640, X650, X660, X670, X680, X700, X800, X810, X810, X820, X830, X900, X910, Z100, Z105, Z107, Z110, Z110, Z130, Z140, Z140V, Z150, Z170, Z230, Z240, Z300, Z310, Z320i, Z330, Z350, Z360, Z370, Z400, Z500, Z510, Z520, Z540, Z550, Z560, Z600, Z620, Z630, Z650i, Z700, Z710, Z720, ZV10, ZV30, ZV40, ZV50, ZV60, ZX10, ZX20

Katana DLX, Katana Eclipse, Katana II, Katana LX, PRO-200, PRO-700, S1, S750, SCP-2300, SCP-3100, SCP-3200, SCP-3810 Mirro, SCP-5300, SCP-8400, V801SA

K1, M550, M551, M570, P600, S1, S330, S360, S600, S601, SV663, X, X2

SG-2000CS, SG-2200CD, SG-2300CD, SG-2320CD, SG-2880CS, SG-2890CD, SG-4500, SG-P100, SGD-1000, SGD-101, SGD-1010, SGD-102, SGD-1020, SGD-1030, SGD-105, SGD-1050, SGD-106, SRD-200, SRD-3000, SRS-3300

550SH, 703, 705SH, 770SH, 802, 802SH, 880SH, 902, 903, GX1, GX10, GX10, GX10i (Audiovox GS-200), GX15, GX17, GX18, GX20, GX22, GX25/GZ200, GX29, GX30, GX33, GX34, GX40, SX862, TM100, TM150, TM200, V801SH, V902sh

Sidekick ID

A31, A60, A62, A65, A70, A75, AF51, AL21, AP75, AX72, AX75, C60, C62, C62, C65, C66, C72, C75, CC75, CF110, CF62, CF75, CFX65, CL55, CL75, CX65, CX66, CX70, CX70 Emoty, CX75, CXT65, M55, M65, M75, MC60, ME75, PenPhone, S55, S65, S75, SF65, SFG75, SG75, SK65, SL55, SL56, SL65, SL75, SP65, SX1, SX45, SX66, SXG75, U10, U15, Xelibri 5, Xelibri 6, Xelibri 7, Xelibri 8

G450, G910 / G920, Wireless Voq A10

JCB Toughphone, XP1, XP2.10 Spirit, XP3 Enduro, XP3 Sentinel, XP3.20 Quest, XP3.20 Quest Pro

Sony Ericsson
Aion, BeJoo, C510, C702, C901, C901 GreenHeart, C901 Greenheart, C902, C903, C905, Cedar, CS8, D750, D750i, Elm, Elm GreenHeart, Equinox, F305, F500, F500i, G502, G700, G700 Business Edition, G705, G705u, G900, Hazel, Hazel GreenHeart, J100, J105 Naite, J110, J120, J132, J200, J200c, J200i, J20i, J210, J220, J230, J300, Jalou, Jalou D&G edition, K200, K205, K220, K300, K300i, K310, K320, K330, K500, K500, K500c, K500i, K508i, K510, K510i, K530, K530i, K550, K550im, K600, K600i, K608, K608i, K610, K618, K618i, K630, K660, K700, K700, K700c, K700i, K700i, K750, K750, K770, K790, K800, K810, K850, M600, M608, Naite, Naite J105, P1, P1i, P800, P800 closed flip, P800 open flip, P802, P900, P900 closed flip, P900 open flip, P908, P910, P990, P990i, R300 Radio, R306 Radio, S302, S312, S500, S500i, S600, S600i, S700, S700i, S710, S710a, Spiro, T100, T200, T226, T230, T237, T238, T250, T270, T280, T290i, T300, T303, T306, T310, T316, T600, T606, T608, T610, T610, T616, T616, T618, T618, T628, T630, T630, T637, T637, T650, T658, T68i, T700, T707, T715, T715a, TM506, TM717, V600, V600i, V630, V640, V800, V800i, W200, W205, W300, W300i, W302, W350, W380, W395, W508, W508a, W518a, W550, W550c, W550i, W580, W580i, W595, W595s, W600, W600a, W610, W660, W700, W705, W710, W715, W760, W800, W810, W810i, W830, W850, W880, W880i, W888, W890, W900, W900i, W902, W910, W910i, W950, W960, W980, W980i, W995, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, XPERIA Pureness, XPERIA X1, Xperia X10 mini, Xperia X10 mini pro, XPERIA X2, Yari, Yendo, Z1010, Z200, Z208, Z250, Z250i, Z300, Z310, Z320, Z320, Z500, Z500a, Z500i, Z520, Z525, Z530, Z550, Z555, Z558, Z600, Z600, Z608, Z610, Z610i, Z700, Z710, Z750, Z750a, Z770, Z780, Z800, Z800i, Zylo

D-1100, D-1111, D-80, D-88, D-88n, D-90, M-4580, S-415, S-501, S-5010, S-5330, S-5420, S-585, S-6005, S-650, S-930, X-1

Exclaim, Highnote, i335, i365, i465 Clutch, i576, i680 Brute, i776, i850, i856 Debut, i880, i890, i920, ic902 Deluxe, Instinct, Instinct HD, Katana DLX, Katana Eclipse, Katana LX, LX160, LX290, LX370, LX400, M220, M240, M300, M320, M330, M520, Pre, PRO-200, PRO-700, Rant, RAZR VE20, Renegade V950, Restore, Rumor, Rumor 2, Sanyo S1, Sanyo SCP-3810, Seek, Stature i9, Touch, Touch Pro2, UpStage, XV6800, Z400

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Ascent Ti, Ascent Ti Damascus Steel, Ascent X, Constellation Ayxta, Signature S

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