Download instructions for Esato content

No registration
No registration is necessary for downloading our free content. Just navigate your mobile phone to our mobile page at and start downloading.

WAP setup
You will need to configure your phone for wap access to download most of the content found here at Esato. It is possible to download some of the content to your PC and then transfer it to the phone by Infrared, cable or Bluetooth, but the easiest way to personalize your mobile is done from our wap page. The Esato wap address is To set up other phone models, please contact your operator, or visit the web site of the manufacture.

Free content

Java Games
We offer free games which are advertising-supported and does not cost you anything except the price to pay to your operator for used bandwith.

We have a large collection of wallpapers for the most popular mobile phone models. To download one of the free wallpapers, navigate the phone to our wap page at Click on the wallpaper link and choose your phone model. From there, you can type in the wallpaper ID, browse by category or by date uploaded. A forth option is to mark the wallpapers you want in your personal collection here on the web site and then login and view your favourites on the WAP site.

Personal images
This is a protected area where you can upload any image from your PC to the Esato server. The image is converted to the correct size and you can later download is from the wap page The service is for free, but you need to sign up to use this service. After you have transfered the image to the phone, you can login to the web site and delete it from the Esato server.

We offer themes for all the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phones. These models are supported:

It might be a good idea to browse through the theme section here on the web site before you decide which theme to download to your phone. When you have found the theme you like, use your mobile phone and navigate to our wap page at Do a search for the theme you found on the web site and start downloading.

Around hundred screensavers are accessible from the wap page