Sony Ericsson announces the T303 slider phone

4 March 2008 by
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• Sony Ericsson T303

From the forum:
Sony Ericsson today announced the T303 slider phone at the yearly CeBIT trade fair

Sony Ericsson announced no less than 7 new devices at the Mobile World Congress one month ago leaving very few supprices for the CeBIT fair this year. The new Sony Ericsson T303 is on of the smallest Sony Ericsson phone models to date. Only the Z520 and Z300 clamshell series are smaller. Sony Ericsson T303 is a slider model hiding the number keys when not needed. Only a few navigation buttons are accessible when it is closed. T303 should be put in the low-end segment with only 8MB free storage. This will leave room for only 20+ photos taken with the 1.3 megapixels camera. The press release does not mention any expandable memory option which we find strange. The T303 also has a MP3 player as well which make the few 8MB even less usefull. We might be wrong so the T303 could have expandable memory but none of the press images shows any input holes for memory slots. Sony Ericsson T303 will be found in two colors: silver and black. T303 will be available in selected markets from mid 2008

Press release:

The stylish new T303 slider phone furthers Sony Ericsson's commitment to broaden its appeal to a wider audience. Petite and good looking, it offers designer good-looks without the price tag to match.

Hanover, Germany – 4th March 2008 – Sony Ericsson today unveiled the T303, an attractive phone that is small and neat enough to carry with you on every occasion. This compact slider phone has been given the high-end treatment, with a mirrored screen, metal housing and chrome finish.

"The T303 is a great addition to the Sony Ericsson T-line of products, combining premium finish and materials with a good feature-set to deliver 'style with substance'." said Lykke Tærsbøl, Senior Designer at the Sony Ericsson Creative Design Centre. "The balance between shape and size in combination with the design makes it a truly eye-catching product. Our aim was to create a phone that would function equally as a daily companion as well as something to show off on a night out.

Sony Ericsson T303
Style at its best

  • Provides pocket-sized convenience
  • Promises premium good looks thanks to a metal and chrome finish
  • Does the basics well, whether that's camera, Bluetooth or FM radio

Big in looks, mini in size
The T303's diminutive size is distinctive for all the right reasons. Because it doesn't take up much room, it's perfect for those nights out when space is limited and not everything can come out with you. The T303's compact size means that this phone will always be one of the chosen few.

Chic and smooth, reflecting your every move
The T303's metal and chrome finish makes it hard for those around you not to be impressed by its premium appearance. Its soft shape and smooth sliding mechanism make it a feel-good experience that you can enjoy every day. And the mirror glass display on the front of the phone goes yet further in making the T303 even more stand-out in its appearance.

Picture perfect
The T303's megapixel camera is ready to take pictures in an instant. So if you come across the perfect shoes whilst out and about, but want a second opinion, just one quick snap and you can send a picture message to one of your friends. You can use Bluetooth™ technology to transfer photos wire-free from your phone to a compatible computer, and then email them to any number of helpful style-advisers. Or just to send the photos of a day's adventure directly to a friend's phone.

With life being ever more hectic, it's essential to be able to slow down the pace and take time out, whenever you get the chance. The T303 comes with a built-in FM radio, meaning you can tune in, chill out, and let time just pass you by. It also has its own media player and comes preloaded with Sony Ericsson's TrackID™ feature. Record a clip of a song in a bar or café and find out instantly what track it is and who sings it.

With such a good-looking phone, you'll want to keep it that way. The Protective Case IDC-22, part of Sony Ericsson's Design Collection, gives you the opportunity to develop your stylish look still further. Not only will it help keep your phone looking good, but it also has room for all of those essentials…your credit cards, keys and your T303.

Sony Ericsson T303 facts and figures:

  • Size: 83 x 47 x 14.7 mm
  • Weight: 93 grams
  • Main screen: 65,536 colour TFT
  • Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels
  • Size: 1.8 inches
  • Phone memory: Up to 8 MB
  • Talk time GSM: Up to 9 hrs
  • Standby time GSM: Up to 400 hrs

Music and Entertainment

  • TrackID
  • FM Radio
  • Media player
  • Music tones (MP3)
  • Java


  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • 4x digital zoom


  • WAP 2.0 XHTML

Communication & Messaging

  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Vibrating alert
  • Picture messaging (MMS)
  • Predictive text input
  • Sound recorder
  • Text messaging (SMS)


  • Navigation key
  • Picture wallpaper
  • Wallpaper animation


  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Phone book
  • Stopwatch
  • Tasks
  • Timer
  • Bluetooth technology
  • USB mass storage
  • USB support


  • T303/T303c – GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900
  • T303a – GSM/GPRS 850/1800/1900

Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303


On 1 Apr 15:11 SwAtChMeNz wrote
Lousy~ U think it got value ?!!!! Can Throw to Rubbish bin~! TQ~!
On 30 Mar 03:29 Dale wrote

im just saying that it would be nice of this phone design that have this feature! (HSDPA and a 5mp cam) im not reffering to this crap low end phone features
On 24 Mar 07:52 guitar wrote
@ dale:

But then it wouldn't be a low end phone!

I'm so sick of people that bitch about how low end phones only have 1.3MP cameras, I remember when a VGA camera was godly to have on a phone, and im sure so do all of you.
On 21 Mar 14:45 Pavoo wrote
Very nice phone for entry level!
On 19 Mar 15:54 andre wrote
ahehehe the date of the phone is still 2004 , hmmm this might be a very old model
On 18 Mar 15:06 mahdi wrote
this is a very nice and beautiful model. but if it had a reasonable memory it was very good. i hope se made a phone like this with good options.
On 14 Mar 16:37 REO wrote
Another crappy phone by SE. After many years as a die hard SE Fan, I left due to long waits for something exciting, fresh and high end. I now, own an iphone and enjoy it so much !!!!!!!! bye bye SE......... Let me know when you come up with real high end phones..... Then maybe.... just maybe, I will come back......
On 14 Mar 09:53 Kaif wrote
Awesome Nokia Sucks as ever, SE is always best they r not sucking people like NOKIA does
On 13 Mar 05:06 end wrote
another low-end phone from SE?????
On 7 Mar 22:51 siameseplantpot wrote

for this phone, 8mb and 20 photos is the same as 32mb and 80 photos?
32/4 is 8 and 80/4..
youre agreeing!
On 7 Mar 21:29 korbindallis wrote
low end segment is the target audience for this phone
and see how the T250 is selling i think this will also sell well

if u want 3G and Flash u have your K800 and K850
On 7 Mar 09:25 laffen wrote
It depends on the photo of course. The 20+ calculation was base on a couple of old images I found on my pc take with a W550. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera and produces images with around 350kb in size. 8000 / 350 = 22.59
On 6 Mar 14:56 MuhammadOli wrote
Taken from the first paragraph of the article: "This will leave room for only 20+ photos taken with the 1.3 megapixels camera."

That doesn't seem quite right. The SE V600i/K600i had a 1.3 MP camera and 32 MB memory and it could store well over 80 photos at full resolution. I think that perhaps was a poor calculation! :)
On 6 Mar 01:53 phoneuser wrote
I don't understand why some if not a lot of people expect every new model to have the latest and greatest specs.

Isn't there a concept of target market segment anymore? I mean think of the poor blokes who can't upgrade from their t68s because the better looking phones costs an arm and a leg.
On 5 Mar 19:16 txmrolf wrote
WTF!!! No 3G? 1.3 Megapixels? No flash? This product seems like something that was archived, then later revived!... might be useful for my grandma though.
On 5 Mar 18:09 N1 wrote
Mates, calm down!! This is great and BEUTIFUL entry level phone. Why everybody hallways speaks in 5, 7 Ö MP!?
At this price level the new T 303 itís a great phone.
On 5 Mar 16:54 PurpleFish wrote
1.3mp camera, dated no?
On 5 Mar 14:32 Dale wrote
nice but much better if have a HSDPA and a 5mp cam

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