Esato opens software- and accessory store

27 March 2008 by
Esato today opened a new online store offering software for handheld devices and mobile phones. In addition to mobile phone accessories, we also offer software for Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm platforms

The store is set up in cooperation with MobiHand. MobiHand provides several services related to distribution of application software and other digital available content to various third-party sites like Esato. Independent developers can sign up with MobiHand and let them handle the sale through relevant channels. MobiHand and Esato have a revenue share of each sale where the developers of course earn the majority of the charged amount.

To celebrate the opening we are giving away a 20% coupon named "EsatoStore". Use this code during checkout. The offer is valid until April 18th 2008. Please go to to check out what we have to offer.

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On 2 Apr 21:31 QVGA wrote
Good idea i must say. Now some special offer for the most contributing members in the forum? :P
On 2 Apr 16:28 Applepie wrote
I don't wish to offend.

There are thousands of stores like the one Esato now offers all fighting to secure a portion of the ever growing mobile market.

Be individual and offer something new, something different - I'm not suggesting that I have any ideas (and if I did I wouldn't tell you) but surely there is another way to generate cash.

Esato is a great site with a huge loyal following - me being one of them - but I can't help but feel they have sold out, cashing in on their position as a leading mobile phone forum.

There is another side to me that says 'well if you can beat the competition and offer identical products at cheaper prices with good customer service, then why not'.

So its not all negative!

On 2 Apr 12:14 ASDFDS wrote
Hey Dude, dis store iz da shit. It rules all! It iz teh awesomest store eva! I wish I could do all mah shpping der.
On 2 Apr 02:31 laffen wrote

Why do you think is is pointless? Pointless for you or for all the other visitors?
On 1 Apr 15:58 Applepie wrote
I really must say, I find the whole idea of an Esato store rather pointless!!
On 28 Mar 18:34 Ranjith wrote
woah cool

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