World’s First 4G phone

30 October 2006 by axxxr
NTT DoCoMo of japan have been previewing their 4G phone of the future.

NTT DoCoMo has been showcasing their future vision of 4G to gadget Mag T3.So much so that they even have a prototype handset and service set up at their headquarters to demonstrate what 4G will be like.

Granted the handset is huge in size, but it does house a pair of 3D goggles that slide out of the bottom,and has download speeds of around 1GB per second.

3D images can be downloaded and superimposed onto any environment you happen to be looking at in this case fish in a aquarium, it instantly recognises what your looking at via built-in sensors,and if you hit a button while looking at something it pulls up a hub of information on that particular sea creature.

4G promises to deliver so much content into our handsets and lives at such ridiculously blink  quick speeds that it creates a new way of looking at the world,the future is looking good. source:T3






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On 31 Oct 17:55 sensibleone wrote
It would be good if for once, people could bring themselves to judge a product on something other than LOOKS. It's a PROTOTYPE. The text in the article explains some of the things 4G can do, but it seems to have been missed by many, who seem only able to consider a phone as a piece of jewellery.
On 30 Oct 17:44 antichrist wrote
i don't get it
is this a phone or glases?
anyway, it sucks
On 30 Oct 14:12 Dhon wrote
Wow! Thats a very cool gadget, the phone of the future.
On 30 Oct 10:41 arjo1 wrote
to judy....mao gyud
On 30 Oct 06:37 Omarello wrote
Looks does matter !!!
WoW for the news...
BoOo for the looks...
On 30 Oct 04:58 Battosai wrote
Looks like my old viewmaster, hehehe. I just wish it would be smaller and sleeker. Something like Oakley designed goggles or like the Romeo Shades Tom cruise used in M:I:2.
On 30 Oct 04:57 fpc wrote
Its like Terminator (the movie) in the near future
just imagine that 1 Gb/s
another wow
On 30 Oct 04:48 tranced wrote
this is something nonsense! i was expecting another thing. let's wait...
On 30 Oct 02:57 axxxr wrote
Its a Prototype SloopJohnB...i don't think the end product will be anything like this.
On 30 Oct 02:29 SloopJohnB wrote
It looks like a cheap toy ;/

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