Sony Ericssson Walkman Phone Concept

28 October 2006 by axxxr
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From the forum:
Here's an interesting design for a Candybar Style Walkman Phone,it has the ipodish jog dial for the music funtions.

This concept design is made by Industrial Designer Torbjörn Eriksson,with a surname like that what else could you expect from a designer but a Sony Ericsson phone.

Torbjörn Eriksson did his Masters Degree in Industrial Design at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center, IKDC (Founded by IKEA) at the Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University, Sweden,you can see the rest of his C.V (Resume) Here,So although others might not agree, i would say this concept has some pedigree.

Although this concept will most likely never see the light of day,with a few minor alterations this one could be a winner for Sony Ericsson if the suits at the top took a look at this seriously.


On 10 Nov 18:57 naveen wrote
What this model name?
On 4 Nov 01:13 awave wrote
they are trying to look at a competitor to the ipod in that phone. not easy to text with, which is quite basically what any person that would like an ipod-rip-off design to do :)
On 3 Nov 14:20 SDE wrote
too hard to type the message
On 31 Oct 04:57 KG wrote
i hate the front, whats that arrow thing for? i also hat the way the display is positioned to its front plate.damn ugly in the back though!
On 30 Oct 15:28 deepsme wrote
the back looks sexy,but the front keypad design sucks
On 30 Oct 10:51 omer wrote
On 30 Oct 10:36 arnold wrote
cool...cant w8 to have 1
On 29 Oct 23:46 SHAD wrote
good looking concept, but if the buttons would be replaced, and the phone wud be made a touch screen walkman, then it would be a beauty! :)
On 29 Oct 22:04 ym0t wrote
The concept is good.. but still, originality is the best! (SE doesn't need to imitate ipod)
On 29 Oct 21:47 Zohaib wrote
It is just good as a concept and it will be better if it remains as a concept believe me i own a K750i and it looks 100 times better then that freak show.
On 29 Oct 21:38 Davidsomething wrote
cool but buttons = bad :(
On 29 Oct 21:18 patrick wrote
iam banned on esato why ?
On 29 Oct 20:19 dayz wrote
and please dont release that phone.. it's a disgrace to SE company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 29 Oct 19:39 PouriaSH wrote
khayli chize jalebiye agar biyad iran hatman mikharamesh
On 29 Oct 19:11 Residentevil wrote
Wow. It looks great.
On 29 Oct 18:20 sefan wrote
On 29 Oct 12:40 nelly6602 wrote
there is only 1 problem and thats the buttons
I <3 SE but here, no this is just not good !
On 29 Oct 12:22 Alex wrote
Imagine trying to text on that lmao
On 29 Oct 11:28 niaz wrote
that looks more like an iPOD
On 29 Oct 11:09 samdada wrote
that's the world's most ugliest phone
hate the buttons
On 29 Oct 08:12 oco wrote
thats soooo... ugly
On 29 Oct 05:18 Chad wrote
I don't like the keypad design. But other than that it's not a bad looking concept.
On 29 Oct 05:14 dayz wrote
design sucks.. i like the back but not the front

remold it!!!
On 29 Oct 04:43 hanash wrote

horrible XXXXbottonsXXXX
On 29 Oct 03:51 baineteo wrote
No phone makers should ever, ever create a phone that has buttons like this. Although they look different, the NK 3650 and Siemen's Xilibri products proved that they're a disaster!
On 29 Oct 02:05 QuickShare wrote
Overall are great concept phone but not quite sure about the button though..
On 29 Oct 01:14 somebody wrote
I like the back :) but not the front :P
On 29 Oct 00:29 ZJersey wrote
I really don`t like because it is very strange, i can`t imagine myself with that SE in my hands, the sms`s would be a complete disaster, think about it!
On 29 Oct 00:25 edwinj wrote
i like it
On 29 Oct 00:17 FrostByteUK wrote
just because all of our little arthritic thumbs are used to the standard 4*3 button layout doesnt mean it wont be hard to learn...
On 28 Oct 23:05 miguelandre82 wrote
For messaging the keypad sucks! A complete joke
On 28 Oct 22:43 p990i wrote
What if Sonyericsson lets us consumers to design a phone at the same time will we also choose the best. That's good right?? because this design doesn't amazed me.
On 28 Oct 22:30 prom1 wrote
Retarded! Simply a joke. Dialpad looks like a Nokia 3650+3660.
On 28 Oct 21:18 haynseycop wrote
looks horrible
On 28 Oct 20:42 qwertyuiopasdfghjklz wrote
WOW...looks like Taurus Excreta!!!

U dont need to be a industrial designer or all that...i know many passionate SE lovers who make stunning concepts of se phones in Photoshop.
On 28 Oct 20:33 tj wrote
looks ok but not sure on the keys
On 28 Oct 20:31 tindo196 wrote
If SE need ideas on design perhaps it would be wiser to consult and implement ideas from their japanese buddies

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