Sony Mobile cut 650 jobs and move headquarters from Sweden to Japan

23 August 2012 by
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Sony Mobile today announced that it will move its corporate headquarters and other functions from Sweden to Japan. 650 jobs will be redundant at the Lund site in Sweden

Sony Mobile reduce work force in Lund, Sweden

The job cuts should not come as a surprise to anyone as we head words about this restructure changes yesterday. The Japanese company will move its corporate headquarters and certain other functions from Lund in Sweden to Tokyo, Japan. With the move to Japan, 650 employees will lose their jobs in Sweden. The remaining employees in Lund will continue to focus on software and application development.

In addition to these structure changes, Sony Mobile plans to further cut down on head count by 1000 personnel by the end of March 2014.

President and CEO of Sony Mobile, Mr Kunimasa Suzuki said in a statement that We are accelerating the integration and convergence with the wider Sony group to continue enhancing our offerings, and a more focused and efficient operational structure will help to reduce Sony Mobile's costs, enhance time to market efficiency and bring the business back to a place of strength.

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Supa_Fly9 years, 10 months ago
Design is doing just fine. I'd say Marketing Team butter pickup their socks, and hang onto their c***s - time to get REAL, potent, to the point in their efforts for the brand. Employees need to become significant shareholders so THEY have a vote, a say in their own employment and put the focus on Executives making the decisions that run the company's divisions.

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