Sony Ericsson T610 - the new T68i replacement

5 March 2003
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• Sony Ericsson T610
• Sony Ericsson T68i

From the forum:
Today Sony Ericsson revealed the successor to the popular T68i. The T610 has a large 128x160 pixels display with 65.635 colors and built-in camera.
Sony Ericsson T610
Sony Ericsson T610

Sony Ericsson today revealed seven new mobile phones Ė five GSM and two CDMA models.

The T610 is a tri-band GSM world phone with built-in camera, Java, Bluetooth, 65,536 colour display and Mophun game engine.
T616 is almost the same phone as T610 but with GSM 850/1800/1900 frequencies for the US.
T618 is the same as T610 but for the Chinese market. The only difference here is probably that the T618 has Chinese menus.

T310 is a tri-band GSM phone with the Mophun game engine.
T316 is the same phone as T310, but with GSM 850/1800/1900 frequencies for the US.

T606 is a dual-band CDMA phone with 65,536 colour display, internal antenna and BREW enabled functionality.
T608 is a CDMA phone with 65,536 colour display, Bluetooth,

A1301S is a CDMA2000 phone for the Japanese market. The A1301S is the first Sony Ericsson phone with integrated 310K-pixel camera enabling still or moving image capture and editing functionality.

In addition to the T610, Sony Ericsson also reviled a new low-end phone named T310, which will replace the T300.

The Sony Ericsson press release does not mention if the T610 has the same new earplug connection as the P800 stereo headset. And itís difficult to spot any on the T610 press pictures.

Sony Ericsson T608
Sony Ericsson T608

For unknown reasons, Sony Ericsson Norway did not invite us to the press conference regarding the launch of these models. We have therefore not been able to take a look at these devices in "real life" yet.

Even if the T610 has a battery drawing 65.536 TFT display, the reported standby- and talk times are impressive. In fact, I donít know about another Sony Ericsson phone with such an impressive talk time. The Sony Ericsson web site states that the T68i has up to 12 hours (780 minutes) talk time while the T610 is reported to have up to 14 hours of talk time! You should probably not expect the printed time, but it should at least be better than the T68i.

The quality of the pictures taken with mobile phones is usually not very impressive. They are of course not meant to be printed out and nailed on the wall. Two of the main reasons for the low quality are the low resolution on the images taken, and the low quality when using the camera in dark environments. Siemens has solved this on their S55 by adding a flash to the attachable camera. While the T610 has a built-in camera, it does not have a built-in flash. But luckily, you can buy an optional flash as an accessory to the T610. But while the light issue now is solved, the picture resolution has not. We have heard rumours that the resolution is 288x352 pixels, which is far less than the VGA 640x340 resolution used in all Sony Ericsson MCA cameras and the P800 camera.

Most of Sony Ericssonís mobile phones released in 2003 will have the Mophun game engine built in. And so does the T610 and T310 series. Itís unknown to me why Sony Ericsson implements both Java and Mophun in their phones. Mophun games may run faster than Java games. Another reason could be that content management is easier with the Mophun platform. But why are they implementing both platforms? Itís no doubt that Sony Ericsson is trying to reach a wider audience with all their new software agreements. Symbian, Opera, Java, Mophun, Appforge, Handago, BREW etc. but is it a smart move?

Sony Ericsson T310
Sony Ericsson T310

A new killer application for mobile phones is ICQ for T610. None of the Sony Ericsson press releases mention that ICQ is shipped with the T610, but the Sony Ericsson Cebit web site states that the T610 is equipped with Bluetooth, ICQ and Quick Share. What will happen to MMS and SMS if all new Sony Ericsson mobile phones are shipped with some sort of Instant messaging application? Iíve tried the TipicMEís which is a combined ICQ and MSN Messenger client on the P800, and my guess is when all your friends have a messenger phone, youíll probably move much of your text communication from SMS and MMS to a much cheaper GPRS application like ICQ.

T610 main features:
65.536 color display
2 Mb internal memory available for user storage
Built-in camera
E-mail client
Polyphonic ring tones (32 voices)
Exchangeable themes (like the T68i and T300)
Mophun game platform

Flashy Sony Ericsson T310 web site
T610 web site

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