Sony Ericsson marks 5th anniversary with record quarter

12 October 2006 by axxxr
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The consolidated financial summary for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications for the third quarter ended September 30, 2006 is as follows.

Units shipped in the quarter reached 19.8 million, a 43% increase compared to the same period last year, and approximately double the market growth rate. Sales for the quarter were Euro 2,913 million, representing a year-on-year increase of 42%. Income before taxes was Euro 433 million representing a year-on-year increase of 187%. Net income was Euro 298 million.

Sony Ericsson captured market share during the quarter due to the success of hit products such as the K800 Cyber-shot™ phone and Walkman® phone line-up. The company further strengthened its music offering at the end of the quarter with the shipment of a new high-end Walkman® phone, the W850, a tri-band/UMTS slider phone with storage capacity for up to 1,000 songs. Sony Ericsson also enhanced its music proposition by upgrading its PlayNow™ service to include full track, over-the-air downloads to high-end Walkman® models such as the new W850 and by launching M-BUZZ, a fixed and mobile internet space to promote new artists and their music.

“The third quarter saw Sony Ericsson reap the success of hit products announced earlier in the year such as the high-end K800 and W810, mid-range K610 and lower-priced W300 and K310. Our strategy of using flagship products to give Sony Ericsson a lead position within a product category such as imaging with the Cyber-shot™ megapixel camera phone or music with the Walkman® line-up is creating a halo effect over lower-end models in the same category and encouraging new users to try our phones," explains Miles Flint, President of Sony Ericsson.

“We enjoyed a record quarter due to a favourable product mix, and after celebrating Sony Ericsson’s 5th Anniversary on October 1st the financial results we’ve announced today further illustrate how far the company has come in a short time. We have introduced a fresh approach to the communication of our brand, which aims to make it stand out in the marketplace, and we are confident that this will strengthen the Sony Ericsson brand further going forward," he added.

Average Selling Price (ASP) rose sequentially, due to a greater proportion of mid and high priced models in the product mix and the success of the K800 Cyber-shot™ phone during the quarter.

Sony Ericsson continues to forecast the 2006 global handset market as being above 950 million units. On this basis the company believes it has outperformed the growth rate in the market and gained over 1% point market share this quarter, to reach a global market share of approximately 8%.

In the third quarter Sony Ericsson added to its tennis sponsorship properties to become the title Sponsor of the Nasdaq-100 Open in Miami, renaming it the Sony Ericsson Open, and became a sponsor at the Tennis Master’s Cup in Shanghai, the company’s first involvement with men’s tennis. Sony Ericsson will now have a presence at three major tennis tournaments throughout the year covering Europe, North and Latin America, Asia Pacific and China.

Q3 2005Q2 2006Q3 2006
Numbers of units shipped (million) 13.815.719.8
Sales (EURO m.)2,0552,2722,913
Income before taxes (EURO m.)151211433
Net income (EURO m.)104143 298

On 13 Oct 20:29 SM wrote
By far, the best mobile phone company in the universe !!! I have a K750i, it's awesome... hope they make walkman phones with 8gb plus capacities. IPOD will sink...
On 13 Oct 18:31 SeRocks wrote
So does my k750
On 13 Oct 16:18 danny wrote
When I first heard the name Sony Ericsson, i thought it is just another mobile phone company.
I think i'm going change my phone to SE!
On 13 Oct 15:57 Jenson wrote
Well done SE.

5 year ago, when I said SE will became top brand, people doest't believe it.....

Now is the proof of the success.....

I love you, SE
On 13 Oct 13:21 AnirbanKarfa wrote
Can't wait to see what's next....!!!!
On 13 Oct 10:37 goldenface wrote
Excellent News!

Lets hope 2007 is as good and SE returns to the top-end with some great gadgets and more cyber-shot handsets.
On 13 Oct 04:50 wk wrote
SE is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 13 Oct 03:12 Prom1 wrote
Let the Good Times Roll baby let them roll.
On 12 Oct 17:29 GeorgeKiphiani wrote
Sony Ericsson Is The Best In World.
K800i BEST
On 12 Oct 11:12 Siosal wrote
It's stuff like this that gives the competition a good kick and helps us as consumers benefit in the future.

Well done SE

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