Sony Ericsson K810 Golden Ivory

14 May 2007 by axxxr
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From the forum:
Here are some live pics of the Golden Ivory K810,this version of the K810 looks absolutely great!

Even the box matches the phones color. Nice touch by Sony Ericsson. I would probably get this color if I had to choose between the 2 colors. source:j.a.m.b







On 21 May 04:50 kristine wrote
This phone is so good that you buy its features that you dont need very often. So why you buy this kind of phone that what you need is just text messaging and Call?
On 19 May 14:41 DKzeit wrote
@ globe and all

:)) yeah you're damn right,like an old computer especially with those sharp edges in side picture.................
On 19 May 11:03 saad wrote
On my point of view k810i is more has auto lense camera with autofocus you can really capture the figure more naturally and clerarly.k810i has an lumorous and apparent look then k800i.In more k810i has 3.2 megapixels camera while when taking the photo the pixels expand so obviously i like k810i the best.
On 18 May 18:26 Rajjy wrote
Yeah!! Indigo or Dark Blue!!

Also, SE should bring back the blue backlight colours that they had on the T68i. The white one they've adopted is too plain man!
On 17 May 22:12 Residentevil wrote
I just cannot get excited about that colour. Looks like an old computer. I would rather see a teal, dark green, or indigo, dark blue.
On 17 May 10:02 Rajjy wrote
Don't like the colour. The only decent thing appears to the the fact that the camera cover doesn't protude so much. The K800i is still best best phone in the world ever (except for the crappy joystick)
On 15 May 19:37 globe wrote
it looks like an old computer.. which was white and time turned it into this kind of color..
On 15 May 16:07 Fish31 wrote
I still prefer black, I also prefer the K800 so yeah...
On 15 May 15:45 Levo75 wrote
Looks like the problem of camera cover opening in your pocket has been solved. :D
On 15 May 10:38 skylineR35 wrote
i just like K810 for being "slim" and have better front look only.

at the side, and rear, i still prefer Allure brown K800i.
at the 3rd pic can be clearly seen that K800 have curvy style than K810.
but the lid, K810 camera shutter is really2 slim..
On 15 May 10:20 YPWBi5S wrote
Yes, here in Lithuania we have the k810 in the market
On 15 May 07:49 Ranjith wrote
well actually is the k810 officially launched in the market?

On 15 May 07:23 ym0t wrote
Nice looks! Even better than the original. Where can we find this?
On 15 May 02:46 Gerwin wrote
Still looks like K800 Limited Casino Royale Siver Edition...I have that limited edition of K800 and i'm loving it, way better that n73 but hope that SE could come up w/ a software upgrade for K800 to shoot video in mp4 format w/ 30fps at a maximum resolution...
On 15 May 02:27 SeF wrote
K810 really have excellent looks, i only wonder what impact will it be if it was introduced earlier han K800 and became a competior towards N73. looks wise K810 is more pleasure to use than N73, camera wise K800 for me is more functional. but all in all N73 is better as being a smartphone.
On 14 May 23:15 glorfingal wrote
had a k800, now an 810 - have to say the 810 is a nicer way to use
k800 functions and features if you see what I mean !
OK if it's a free upgrade, but definately NOT any thing special.
On 14 May 18:56 chrisinUK wrote
looks like a k800 thingy, erm it is actually so why try to milk a bit more money as making the phone with interchangable facias would have been better and cheaper
On 14 May 15:33 Jaanuzka wrote
looks nice, but i will stay with my k800i :)

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