Sony Ericsson CS1i Cybershot Concept

5 July 2007 by axxxr
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From the forum:
Here is a Beautiful New Sony Ericsson Cybershot Concept Mobile Phone Concept design which stands out from the crowd.

This was made by chefzx over at mobile-review. It is a stylish fashion Cyber-shot slider with a 7 mega pixel camera with 3x optical zoom and 320x416 touchscreen. This is one kick ass concept and I would definitely buy something like this. Well done! source:j.a.m.b


On 22 Jul 08:31 INFERNO wrote
well, no mobile can match sony ericsson when it comes to picture quality and sound quality...SONY ERICSSON ROCKS!!!
On 10 Jul 23:30 mubas wrote
nice phone but I can't see the camera,and how many GB does it have????
On 10 Jul 02:51 Ervis wrote
Well it's just an idea not a fake maybe will be possible maybe not but i don't think so especially for optical zoom 3x

The thing i dont like is LG design i hate LG phones i think sony-ericsson has it's great designs of keypad+touchscreen and i dont want that sonyericsson loose that design

SE ROCKZZZ :-) No nokia or other phone can have the quality of sound and camera that SE does
On 9 Jul 13:56 icovenant wrote
I love this phone. cant wait to grab it. with that 7mp camera. wow! that is supper. SE keep up the good work
On 9 Jul 09:47 samuel wrote
the best phone i' ve ever heard and seen.... hell yeah.......
On 8 Jul 15:35 michaellomotey wrote
This 4on is off the hook and smooooooth. I'm SE fan as i have used the K800i and P990i. SE means business and they are way ahead of the so called Nokia's and Motorola's. Keep up the good work and i can't wait to lay my hands on this neat and sexy phone. In Ghana, we say "Ayeeko" meaning good work
On 8 Jul 14:27 aNGELOS wrote
very beautiful mobile
On 8 Jul 14:21 GothThug wrote
who cares if it looks like an iphone it has 7mp camera
sonys make cameras so im sure it will be worth it
and who cares if it looks like a prada, its still LG which is crap and the camera is still small

and sexy who cares for sexy, if its practical and has a crapload of features then i say Hell Yeh Sony Ericsson, keep up the good work and start makin this phone possible.

all you ppl look way to far into just a fone, i use my K800i as a phone, mp3 player, internet, email, and camera, what more could you want in just one item. if you had the choice of the ugliest car in the world but yet it did everything you wanted or a ferrari that can only go fast you would choose the ugly car if the specs shit all over the ferrari, looks aint everything!!!!
On 8 Jul 11:42 anup wrote
Phone Concept design which stands out from the crowd.
On 7 Jul 20:24 GOSH wrote
SE just copied the iphone design! it looks fake, made by photoshop.
On 7 Jul 18:20 Residentevil wrote
Very beautiful.
On 7 Jul 17:08 fardianfar wrote
it is amazing
i like powerful cameraphone
On 7 Jul 14:07 Max wrote
You can't see the camera, beacause only the front side is shown.
On 7 Jul 09:50 pundexman wrote
it's too plain,too oldies look,too slim it is not sexy
On 7 Jul 06:39 Dhakz wrote
All I can say is SE simply Rocks!
On 6 Jul 23:51 Chipp wrote
you only see the front, thats why you can't see a camera
On 6 Jul 22:03 santa wrote
i-phone rulez big time!!!
On 6 Jul 21:56 Eroda wrote
My god, this is MY PHONE!!!
On 6 Jul 17:06 Efrem wrote
can anyone tells me where the hell is the 7 mega pixel camera on this fone?
On 6 Jul 16:57 josuaromafromireland wrote
i relly like this is so lovely the design and how many GB
On 6 Jul 14:14 suprarx wrote
woah, im not sure if this thing is real... but still, it is soooooooooo beautiful. its a luxury phone. makes living a luxury... i hope it comes out, im definitly buying this phone if it comes out.
On 6 Jul 13:19 zx wrote
Ref to Donjuan. Well its not square its rectangle. Ha ha
On 6 Jul 12:19 SUDARSHANKALSULKARsn wrote
ohhhh why do they keep waisting time on photoshop???? the pic is shouting itself tht its a such concept is being made at buzz offf u fakers
On 6 Jul 10:29 PNimesh wrote
Was That LG PRADA Copied this or Vica-Versa......?
On 6 Jul 07:59 jjokku wrote
where is camera it look like uiq phone
On 6 Jul 06:16 donjuan wrote
i think it looks too square
On 6 Jul 06:01 clauf wrote
I have to say this one is the most BEAUITIFUL and 'Sony Ericssion if UIQ Touchscreen' realistic layout [if you know what I mean]. Too bad it still lacks 'camera' like features like record, capture, and review switch =P But I like it =D
On 6 Jul 05:13 rajat wrote
iphone sucks when compared to se ! make this & make me buy this one !
On 6 Jul 03:56 SeF wrote
Excellent Look! how nice, though it looks something like Nokia N76:(
On 6 Jul 02:07 dualist wrote
Why do people always say "it looks fake"? Of course it's fake - it's a computer-generated CONCEPT phone - not an actual SE model. Jeez...
On 6 Jul 02:05 SE4NICK wrote
It can't be a fake cause its only a CONCEPT
On 6 Jul 00:05 Goostan wrote
it looks slick and cute. I hope it will portray its look
On 5 Jul 23:33 santa wrote
verry verry fake!!!
On 5 Jul 23:24 Jojo wrote
Very elegant and has a CLASS-design !
On 5 Jul 23:22 Irfan wrote
Can any one tell me where the hell is the camera on this cell phone?
On 5 Jul 18:47 nvcl wrote
where is the camara??
On 5 Jul 18:06 Chipp wrote
This was just to nice...i would buy this one fore souer!!
On 5 Jul 15:43 AMD wrote
nice, but i think its much nicer with a keypad. touch screen is slow. its a big mission just to make a phone call..
On 5 Jul 15:22 S4k1s wrote
The K850 looks much better than this crap.
On 5 Jul 15:09 southpark wrote

Why SE does not build these......and gotta build the ugly K850i
On 5 Jul 13:59 bc wrote
as you can see its a virtual model i wonder if the real one is better?
On 5 Jul 13:49 jixi wrote
Nice specs...Brick design!!

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