Sony Ericsson Announces the S500

9 May 2007 by axxxr
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• Sony Ericsson S500
Beyond the Mysterious Green and Spring Yellow exteriors, effort has been made to bring design alive with the Sony Ericsson S500.
  • Ever-changing themes and illuminations that change as day turns to night hidden illumination
  • Style with substance 2.0 megapixel camera revealed when the slider opens
  • Individual colours Mysterious Green and Spring Yellow
  • The visuals on the desktop or phone menu can change automatically as the seasons pass or as day turns to night. Hidden illumination appears to highlight a certain event and the keypad glows with energy when the slim slider is opened.

    Vibrant images Have fun taking shots with the 2.0 megapixel camera and share moments of your life as they happen. Take a picture of where you are and blog it straight away. You can also send pictures or video to any mobile phone or email address.

    Style with substance The S500 offers more than stunning aesthetics. Add colour to your free time with a media player and expandable Memory Stick slot. So you choose what size of music library is right for you. You can even add a music accessory such as the Music Bluetooth™ Receiver MBR-100 and play your phone music direct through your home stereo. Play 3D games or access the Web browser for easy surfing on the move.

    Joined up thinking The S500 arrives with everything you need to connect your phone to your computer. Transfer your favourite music from PC to phone using Sony Ericsson Disc2Phone music management software. Or move images from your phone to your computer without the need for any software. When the S500 is connected, it appears as a drive on your computer. It also features Bluetooth™ 2.0, giving you same fast, robust connection to other Bluetooth™ devices as the T650.

    The Sony Ericsson S500 is a 14mm slim 2.5G slider phone (GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900), available in either Mysterious Green or Spring Yellow.It will be in the shops in selected markets from Q2 2007.




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    On 16 May 09:55 gany wrote
    wah apik tenan yoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On 14 May 14:29 YPWBi5S wrote
    Nice phone, but doesnt support symbian OS.. Ee, u with the 6670, u said that u dont want bulky phone, but u want symbian.. Its imposible, because all symbian phones are bulky candy bars.. Of course you can wait for n6120 classic, the non bulky symbian os based phone, with weight of 84g, os 9.2 and a price of only 250? :)
    On 12 May 09:10 adeem wrote
    what a desing nokia please take leson form sony desingers hehehehe
    On 11 May 20:46 abcDrio wrote
    Is this a Symbian phone ?, i want to change my bulky N6670 for another one, i love SE cellphones, but i need the Symbian OS, also, can someone tell me which countries have been chosen for the release ?
    On 11 May 18:02 yatin wrote
    send it india as soon as possible
    On 11 May 12:11 Wohaaaaaaa wrote
    This is se. is there any other word to say?? I love it, I want it, I need it :-)
    On 10 May 16:05 max wrote
    i love it
    On 10 May 10:26 atillathehunch wrote
    the green isnt too bad, its quite subtle, hate the urine yellow though! i agree with DoctorMantis about a greater rane of colours i think SEare getting more creative with design recently, but they probably could have pushed the spec up a bit.
    On 10 May 07:39 nick wrote
    What SELECTED markest will it be released in
    On 10 May 04:35 DoctorMantis wrote
    Needs more colors. Black is nice, but the green ruins it. The gold looks like a retirement color. Black outside/gold inside? Red oustide/chrome inside? White outside/blue inside?
    On 10 May 03:03 whatwhatwhat wrote
    top heavy... just the way i like it!!
    On 10 May 01:36 man wrote
    Look nice!
    On 9 May 20:17 sergiothe1ne wrote
    to put SYMBIAN in the MAJORITY of their phones ! GO 4 IT
    On 9 May 20:04 hello wrote
    On 9 May 20:02 sergiothe1ne wrote
    Very stilish slider phone !!! but i would like that SE put SYMBIAN in their phones. Few programs can be installed on the phones. As far as this problem is concerned , S-H-A-M-E. THAT'S TRUE !!! GO SE !!!
    On 9 May 18:53 WataAme wrote
    I LOVE this phone! Especially in green! I can't wait until it's released! But the front looks like it'll attract scratches easily...
    On 9 May 18:22 vvk wrote
    now this one good looking phone. t650 is ugly
    On 9 May 15:29 Rob wrote
    Looks just like the W580 but not in walkman colours or software...
    On 9 May 15:05 LUIS wrote
    On 9 May 15:04 skylineR35 wrote
    again... its good phone indeed, if just SE gonna release K850i with decent video quality...

    I believe both T650 and S500 still has QCIF video recording...

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