Sony Ericsson announces the K630 with turbo 3G

11 October 2007 by
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• Ericsson T60d
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• Sony Ericsson K630

From the forum:
Sony Ericsson today announces the K630, a all-rounder packed with features needed for managing work life as well as your pictures, video and music.

Information Your Way
Available in two colours – Havana Gold and Quick Black – the new Sony Ericsson K630i keeps you in control, fully informed and entertained at all times. Powered by turbo 3G (HSDPA) and weighing in at only 97 grams, the K630 delivers a PC-like Web surfing experience in a pocket-sized frame.

Pre loading of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync gives you the possibility to mirror your PC/laptop inbox, look out for urgent e-mails and write quick responses. Add to this your Desktop widgets; animated icons that sit on your phone's desktop and give one press access to your favourite websites, and its easy to see how the K630 brings the Web into your phone. RSS Feeds can even be set-up to keep you up-to-date with the latest news, weather and entertainment.

Your media in your pocket
You never know when you might need to snap a picture, so the K630's 2.0 megapixel camera is always on-hand to shoot still pictures or moving images. Share these instantly with friends via MMS, email or postcard; or by uploading them to your own online gallery, or blogsite. Share the Web address with friends and family to instantly give them access to all your latest photos or video clips.

The K630 also provides a true music experience. It comes with 256MB Memory Stick Micro (M2) in-box and supports up to 4 gigabytes – that's up to 3600 full-length tracks. That sounds like a lot, but the K630's Mobile Broadband (HSDPA) capability means it only takes about 14 seconds to download a full-length music track*; up to four times faster than average on a regular 3G phone. To make things easier still, the K630 features a dedicated music key to help you navigate all of those songs.

The phone features an in-built Media Browser, meaning that there is just one location on the K630's menu to launch the music player, video player or photo gallery, and so access all of your in-phone content. The K630 comes complete with new Media Manager software in-box to let you easily move your favourite music, photos, videos and more between your PC and your phone. Music tracks or video clips will be automatically converted into phone-friendly formats and creating playlists or adding album artwork to your tracks is simple.

"The thinking behind the K630 is that it can give you more time to do the things you really want to," says Martin Winkler, Head of Web Marketing at Sony Ericsson. "The K630 is the perfect tool for managing your day-to-day agenda and keeping up with email, but it is much more than a work-horse. It is the perfect companion for those ‘down-time' moments, such as waiting for a train, where listening to music or watching a video can make time go that bit faster."

The Sony Ericsson K630 will be available in selected markets from Q4 2007.

Facts and figures

  • Size: 103 x 47 x 15.5 mm
  • Weight: 97grams
  • Colour(s): Havana Gold and Quick Black
  • Screen: 262,144 colour TFT
  • Display Resolution: 176 x 220 pixels
  • Display Size: 2.0 inches
  • Phone memory: Up to 32MB
  • Memory card: 256 MB Memory Stick Micro (M2)
  • Talk time GSM/UMTS: up to 9 hours / up to 5 hours
  • Standby time GSM/UMTS: up to 300 hours
  • Video call time: up to 2.66 hours
  • Music listening time: up to 21.8 hours
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900
  • UMTS/HSDPA 2100


  • Streaming Audio/Video
  • Media Manager
  • FM Radio
  • Audio Codec support: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA
  • DRM: Phase 1+2 and Microsoft DRM
  • PlayNow 4.0
  • Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP) 


  • Picture and Video Blogging
  • Video Telephony CIF camera
  • 2.0 Megapixel fixed focus
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Video codec support: MPEG4, WMV, H.264, H.263
  • Video recording / playback (15fps) 


  • Web mail; Hotmail, Yahoo, G-Mail as shortcuts
  • Wireless Village globally with support for AOL, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ
  • Push email
  • PC Synchronization
  • Flight mode
  • Bluetooth™ 2.0
  • USB 2.0 full speed
  • Java™ MIDP 2.0
  • E-mail client (POP3/IMAP4)
  • FOTA
  • SAIC 

Sony Ericsson K630

Sony Ericsson K630

Sony Ericsson K630

On 9 Nov 19:00 bilal wrote
it is very very bad mobile
On 4 Nov 14:16 MUSHFIQ wrote
WOW......................WOW................................AND ONLY WOOWW
On 2 Nov 13:26 joe wrote
I am not buying a phone with no FLASH ! Keypads looking ancient too (T100 days)!
On 1 Nov 11:19 PaulDownes wrote
Cheap & nasty. And who thought of that brown? Eeeuuuugh. Might do well in the States though. ;)
On 1 Nov 11:18 TimothMubitaNalukui wrote
Each time i want to access the internet,my T230 mobile says "content too large to be displayed", Error 502 why.
On 1 Nov 09:15 Ana wrote
To be a low budged phone it's really good...
On 1 Nov 05:29 ESN wrote
On 31 Oct 00:50 razec wrote
Ericsson's side of SE :)
On 30 Oct 08:24 me wrote
no autofocus and no flash?!...this is crap...another nonsense phone
On 26 Oct 14:46 winner wrote
What it got inside is amazing for a budget phone!
On 25 Oct 22:45 wapkaplit wrote
Since the Nokia N95 and IPhone came out, I have been waiting for SE to produce something similar or hopefully better. N95 is looking better all the time.
On 24 Oct 17:09 Nokiawinsagain wrote
Wow. Finally HSDPA. We are supposed to get happy about this crap. SE sucking dust again. They should just pack it.
On 21 Oct 17:01 MadFerret wrote
SE has become trend followers instead of trend-setters lately. I'd like to see more Swivel phones personally, like the s700i. Tiny screen, mediocre camera, and 32 MB built in memory? Laff. Like the big speaker though and the brushed metal around the screen.
On 20 Oct 22:38 tiger wrote
i think you can do better.the camera should be greater than 2 megapixels.and flash led
On 20 Oct 12:58 what wrote
somehow reminds me of an ipod...
On 17 Oct 23:35 tk338 wrote
I guess its just the light, but on the picture of the black one, the d-pad looks very crooked lol as tho its got flat edges
On 16 Oct 15:55 gege wrote
no have more idea for your product?? monotone.. but i like its brown color!
On 16 Oct 07:35 Diesel wrote
There are a couple of things thats upsetting about sony ericsson like the joystick. I have the k810i and the thing freezes the whole time and so on will this phone be any better
On 15 Oct 16:34 Mohannad wrote
Ugly, but i like Sony Ericsson Using Buttons instead of The stupid joystic they used to use it , The Sound seems very high, no flash LED ! , Bad Shape
On 15 Oct 10:19 BESTBUYER wrote
On 15 Oct 08:26 hmm wrote
boring...zzZZzzz... I own a K800i.. still waiting for a phone with optical zoom.
On 15 Oct 06:15 wrote
dont like the bottons, and dont u feel sony is becomin like nokia with the production line of like 50 phones in a shot period of time..
On 14 Oct 11:20 ohli wrote
A bit disappointing... its just the V640 without the Vodafone branding. So its not entirely a new release phone. Its not at all a new release phone in terms of design. However, it does look alright, it looks like it has a huge speaker. And it is just a mid-range phone, not aiming very high. Lets hope for something a bit more substantial next time around!
On 13 Oct 15:54 kelly wrote
It pleases me to see some great improvements on how SE reacts to it consumers complains or request..., firstly is the rapid response to the release of the recent firmware version for the P990i and W950i even when the company made it clear that there will be no more new firmware for the two symbain phones, other improvements are: improved user friendliness,bright screen resolution especially under direct sunlight,better video recording, though VGA would be preferable,improved design,features and so on...
The SE faithfuls are generally greatful for the changes made so far, and hope in the nearest feature that SE will stand out undisputed as the best in mobile phones.
On 13 Oct 09:18 AttackerfromBelarus wrote
Not bad... But K550 better, i think.
On 12 Oct 15:01 roachie wrote
it looks like the k608i (look at the shape) with only the kepad layout changed. HSDPA though is pretty nice...
On 12 Oct 10:37 SaintCA wrote
Think of more exciting colours,t might be your only advantage left...i have no reason to trade in my w950 or my older k610i.I'm almost out of reasons to brag about SE.
On 12 Oct 08:46 Charge wrote
Atleast it has the new jp8 java platform... 'Desktop widgets' sounds interesting.
On 12 Oct 00:57 keight00i wrote
i was hoping this would replace my k610... but all i see are very minor differences from the former... must wait for much better phone then
On 11 Oct 21:40 Gerry wrote
this is another budget phone, so why all the mud slinging?

a budget phone with HSDPA? i'm very impressed.

i do agree that SE need to start releasing phones for the top end of the market, though. the W960 looks great but the P1i is disapointing. HTC and LG seem to have the most exciting models at the moment. even Nokia are lagging somewhat
On 11 Oct 21:24 atrocious wrote
well its not that bad guys.its just that the screen is a bit too small!
On 11 Oct 20:02 Haynzee wrote
N, America wont get this the doctor due to USA 3g support is crap thats why the iphone dont have it!
On 11 Oct 18:57 thomasgermany wrote
wery ugly
On 11 Oct 16:25 Prom1 wrote
Wireless Village globally with support for AOL, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ

On 11 Oct 16:24 setheloser wrote
omg...what the hell is happening to se? fyi, hsdpa is something becoming archaic nowadays, bring some new things...and don't boast too much, it just looks more humiliating and embarrasing in your part.......haaaayz
On 11 Oct 16:21 janosik wrote
On 11 Oct 16:15 TheDoctor wrote
Once again, no love for N. America. Thanks, Sony Ericsson!
On 11 Oct 16:06 Steve wrote
Another terrible handset by SE for 2007. And a 176x220 screen? Pathetic.
On 11 Oct 16:02 Spitfire wrote
I agree with redneck totaly SE get some new design ideas starting to consider nokia now thats how bad it has become.

And more clamshell high end phones pleas
On 11 Oct 14:57 gose wrote
DAMN,wt a bid speaker at da back.must hv a gr8 sound!
On 11 Oct 13:18 saveirogti wrote
................Wow..................what a must have phone........................
On 11 Oct 13:05 redneck wrote
SE,pls stop making phones without flash and autofocus...whatever the series.
Recruit some good designers.
and bring some innovations.
On 11 Oct 13:01 teme wrote

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