Solid Gold Sony Ericsson J230i

29 May 2006 by axxxr
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From the forum:
Shoppers in the UAE have the chance to win a solid gold Sony Ericsson J230i.Carrefour,the biggest hypermarket in the UAE, begins its countdown to the draws for the gold handsets.

In a special initiative,Carrefour is offering people buying the Sony Ericsson J230i at Carrefour outlets the chance to win a Gold Sony Ericsson J230i, specially made for this promotion. Cellucom will be supplying the Sony Ericsson handsets and will manage the entire promotion at all Carrefour outlets in the UAE.

Shoppers who purchase the Sony Ericsson J230i will receive a raffle coupon for entry into the draw to win a J230i made of solid gold. Each gold phone weights about 130 gms, and it takes approximately 72 hours to make one gold phone,In all there are 10 gold Sony Ericsson J230i phones to be won. source:ameinfo

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On 4 Jul 10:24 jabbariiii wrote
this phone is for aalll
On 18 Jun 22:26 Asadg wrote
as long it doesnt have a blue tooth connection it doesnt stand as a good cell or a luxury cell in my view
its a cell for people who dont like using complicated cells tht much
On 18 Jun 19:40 kamranaslamsheikh wrote
again centeral button problem
On 16 Jun 18:06 fahadkhan wrote
this mobile is gud for kidds but till a certain age which is twelve
On 12 Jun 23:18 3ABIR wrote
I think sim44 the best tech happened since long time i wish they sell it here in UAE.
On 12 Jun 23:16 SIM44 wrote
before you start talking about arab did u ever went to UAE because most of the people live there they are not arab.
On 9 Jun 11:27 Anthrogay wrote
I hear it calling out to me... My precious!
On 8 Jun 14:23 KONTOL wrote
On 8 Jun 14:21 kontol wrote
hey ! Dont say that about arabs huh !
On 7 Jun 22:20 furqan wrote
i thing this is ha very good hand set
On 7 Jun 17:41 ZekeriyyaMola wrote
i wouldnt never buy this phone i would rarther get a w550i or a w800i this phone is double .
On 6 Jun 23:34 wobo wrote
mmmm ..... shiny
On 5 Jun 11:38 BEss wrote
So all Arabs have money??? I don't think so.
On 5 Jun 09:16 esderaper wrote
this phone is not good as it dont have the bluetooth and real player. real player is used 2 see bad movie of u r wife or u r daugther sex on camera
On 4 Jun 17:25 Ennio wrote
ah come on this is fotoshop, they'll just bye a vertu over there
On 30 May 21:02 amnesia wrote
don't bother guy's with Jabbar, I sense jealousy and ignorance all wrapped in one package.
On 30 May 18:27 korbindallis wrote
why the J230i what made them decide this phone
is the j230i not selling well ???
On 30 May 13:00 lazyguyreturns wrote
this phone aint for any 'dumbass' arabs...its for the 'jackass' foreigners who r visiting or living there...
those arabs are so rich...i once came across a modified merc S class...modification being the pure gold outer body metal sheet.
On 30 May 06:28 manfran wrote
What i'll do if i win this phone dumb phone is that i'll strip and melt the gold then sell it, hehehehe.
On 30 May 05:29 MJI wrote
This is not for "ARABS" since they have got "more money than sense" why would they even try to by a J230i, it's a cheep phone and they will not participate in this, it is for foreiners as Rayyan said...
On 30 May 03:15 Rayyan wrote
"dumbass" arabs with money don't need to participate in a raffle to get something expensive. And who would want to get a J230i anyway? This contest is mainly for all the foreigners in the UAE, who happen to be the majority of the population..
On 30 May 01:05 Ibrahim wrote
Reminds me of the diamond-studded iPod
On 30 May 00:29 Amnesia wrote
Carrefour is also the biggest hypermarket in Qatar.
On 29 May 23:17 jabbar wrote
dumbass arabs.

ott bling

they got more money than sense


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