P!NK pre-loaded Sony Memory Stick Micro (M2)

31 October 2006 by axxxr
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Sony has today announced a P!NK limited edition of the 512MB Memory Stick Micro, preloaded for the first time with exclusive content from the world famous artist P!NK.

As part of Sony RME’s exciting collaboration with Sony BMG and Sony Ericsson.Compatible with a variety of Sony Ericsson mobile phones (equipped with an M2 card slot*), the Memory Stick Micro contains an extract of the chart stomping “Stupid Girls" single (MobiTube: MP3 Audio), from the popular album “I’m Not Dead" plus an exclusive interview of P!NK (BlogSong: MPEG-4 video file).

Sony plan to strengthen its position in the mobile phone channel and raise awareness of how Memory Stick can boost AV applications available on the latest Sony Ericsson mobiles.

This special edition Memory Stick Micro also includes a M2 Standard size adaptor, allowing the user to transfer and view the audio/video content on their PC through a Memory Stick PRO slot. Completely copyright free, this content can be easily shared with friends between mobile phones or another Memory Stick PRO compatible device.

P!nk Memory Stick Micro is compatible with the K790i / K800i, M600i, K610i, Z530i, Z550i and W300i Sony Ericsson mobile phones.This limited pack is easily identifiable, with a vibrant pink theme and images of the pop artist. The P!NK Memory Stick Micro (M2) is available from the beginning of November.


On 16 Nov 15:17 k wrote
how about 1GB?
On 2 Nov 01:10 Euromancer wrote
Just a Christmas Promotion to shift a few more units IF they have the global shortage sorted out. Sandisk coming to market with an M2 card soon which is bound to be cheaper than the Sony offerings.
On 1 Nov 12:53 neonismo wrote
How about using cheap read-only 128Mb M2 cards to sell other artists albums. Cheaper than downloading OTA. Makes sense.
On 1 Nov 09:42 pnkfan wrote
leave p!nk alone it will sell loads more with p!nk on front than stupid girl christina.
On 1 Nov 09:03 etaab wrote
Hey ! i like Pink ! dont cuss her so bad ! :)
On 1 Nov 05:09 rssndrsn wrote
Why Pink instead of Chrisitna A?
On 1 Nov 00:44 DS wrote
if theres one way to sell less memory cards,its to put that ugly trollops face on the packaging

nice on sony
On 31 Oct 18:11 awave wrote
it's only 512mb....and those things will be on the 'net somewhere as soon as one person gets one of these....and it's probably 5x the price of the normal one or something :S good job my phone takes SD cards =]
On 31 Oct 17:50 manfran wrote

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