Exclusive: Black Diamond Official

22 July 2006 by axxxr
The Concept phone that was the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond is finally being made a reality and will be available.

Back in march i wrote about a little known concept phone by designer Jaren Goh called the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond the design and look of the original concept was nothing but simply stunning, it created a frenzy of discussion and debate on esato forums  aswell as other mobile news and tech sites.

Some said they did'nt like the design,others said its only a concept nothing more and should be left at that,but the vast majority fell in love with it including myself.I have been dreaming about this as my ideal Sony Ericsson design ever since i laid my eyes on it and prayed to the almighty that by some miracle this gets made.

Well all i can say now is that our prayers have been answered and the Black Diamond will be available from 2007 but not from Sony Ericsson but by a company called VIPN initially available in only 5 unique numered pieces but at least we can say that our dream has been realised even though it won't be from Sony Ericsson and we will proberbly never get to own this masterpiece of craftmanship.

In regards to the specifications on the handset they are pretty respectable it will have Quad band with Wi-Fi an Intel 400Mhz processor running windows mobile 5 a 262k TFT colour screen,Touch Sensitive 2"screen,it will also feature an internal memory of 128mb and will come with a 2Gb SD card for external storage and to top it all of a 4 Megapixel camera.

The materials used for the build are incredibly impressive aswell featuring Titane with Polycarbonate with mirror-finish cladding and Diamonds.Now for the scary part this will only be available in 5 Unique numbered pieces in Limited Edition for the astronomical sum of $300,000 thats about 161,000 in U.K money.

Now why Sony Ericsson did'nt take this design on we may never know but Lets hope VIPN actually mass produce these and not make them so exclusive so us common folk can have the pleasure of owning this masterpiece of unique and classy Jaren Goh  mobile phone design.





On 10 Aug 17:00 navid wrote
its very expensive isnt it?
On 6 Aug 10:56 ehti100hotmailcom wrote
the thing is that its stinks even the president wont buy this crap.... at the early 2007 thrare going to be fnes wth 5 megapixel cameras and thr should be about 5gb memry lg has realeZd a fne wth 4.2 mpix cam i say its gonna be a flop....
On 4 Aug 16:39 sylbert wrote
dose any one know what price it be
On 1 Aug 23:48 BAMS wrote
Argh, that damnable joystick is back yet again... even if it's not an SE fone it still has the SE type joystick which get broken easily :( and with that kinda pricetag even if I can afford it I might be to scared to even use it *blah*.
On 30 Jul 12:22 NishanVault79 wrote
This is the most wierd and most hellishly valuable handset i ve ever seen as a gemstone lover I wish I was rich enough to buy this masterpiece. It has all the respectable looks
On 26 Jul 11:41 Xugaa wrote
Great... 6 of the White Pearl...?


Ok, well I'll take 11 of this one!
On 25 Jul 16:30 kakojobava wrote
On 24 Jul 20:13 Devendra wrote
Definitely Black Diamond should be master of all. But its price is not affordable. Hope SE will make some changes and make this glory available to some high end users.
On 24 Jul 18:10 monkeyman wrote
wow i want 3 :cool:
On 24 Jul 13:08 axxxr wrote
Well the K610 does'nt have a flash
On 24 Jul 11:23 Diamond wrote
Eh eh a Diamond, a 4 Mpix camera.. AND NO FLASH IN SIGHT..
Wonder if the diamond hides the xenon flash light. Also, I think the lenses look a bit small for a 4Mpix cam...
Anyway, I like the design of the phone a LOT. Maybe SonyEricsson is going to release a similar phone? I doubt, but yet hope so.
On 23 Jul 14:24 Sokhoeun wrote
Let's get it short: It's a fabulous idea to off when everyone has already knew the price!!
On 23 Jul 05:37 QuickShare wrote
Concept are the perfect name for it.. about the price, dream on for me :(
On 23 Jul 02:07 Xugaa wrote

Christmas it is then.
On 22 Jul 20:08 Jabbar wrote
Don't call me a dummy. You are a dummy.

You can't even get your punctuation right.

I was being sarcastic. Who is the the dummy now?

U. Thats right U.

If I see anyone with one I will rob them of it.
On 22 Jul 20:05 Angela wrote
You dummy its not going to be free. Ever it costs many thousands of money
On 22 Jul 20:04 Jabbar wrote
When its free on Orange when U sign up for £35 a month and free broadband to boot I will get one. I can't wait!

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