DataViz to Provide Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Connectivity for New M600 and P990 Smartphones

22 July 2006 by axxxr
DataViz announced today a partnership with Sony Ericsson to provide Exchange ActiveSync connectivity for Sony Ericsson's new Symbian OS based UIQ 3.0 smartphones, both the M600 and P990.

The Exchange ActiveSync mailbox and synchronization engine included on these new smartphones is powered by DataViz' RoadSync which provides secure, wireless and "Direct Push" synchronization of corporate e-mail, calendar, contacts and attachments from Exchange Server 2003. Both DataViz and Sony Ericsson are official licensees of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol from Microsoft.

According to industry analyst firm,The Radicati Group, 33% of corporations worldwide currently use Microsoft Exchange as their insourced corporate messaging solution, and this market share is anticipated to rise to 39% by 2009. Additionally, by 2009, the corporate wireless e-mail install base is projected to increase from 6.5 million to 123 million*. Given the expected growth of both corporate Exchange mailboxes along with corporate wireless e-mail, the inclusion of Exchange ActiveSync functionality allows Sony Ericsson and DataViz to deliver an integrated push e-mail solution for more enterprise customers who rely on Exchange for their messaging needs.
"As more enterprises take advantage of the mobility features built directly into Exchange Server 2003, our RoadSync technology provides the M600 and P990 with essentially the same level of push synchronization of Windows Mobile 5 equipped handsets that have the Messaging & Security Feature Pack installed," said Rob Hoxie, Director of Business Development for DataViz, Inc. "Sony Ericsson's new devices offer a quality brand, user-friendly experience and enterprise-grade functionality which we believe will be highly popular and help to extend Exchange ActiveSync and push e-mail to more corporate customers."

"Secure mobile access to e-mail, calendar and other business data are core requirements for mobile professionals who need to maintain communication with clients and colleagues while out of the office," said Henrik Voigt, Director, Head of Enterprise Solutions, Sony Ericsson. "Working closely with DataViz has allowed us to achieve a tight integration of Exchange ActiveSync functionality into our portfolio of smartphones and solutions."

About DataViz' Exchange ActiveSync Solution
The integrated Exchange ActiveSync mailbox and synchronization engine included with the M600 and P990 is based on DataViz' RoadSync solution. Using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol licensed directly from Microsoft, RoadSync provides secure, wireless and "Direct Push" synchronization of corporate e-mail, calendar, contacts and attachments - all in one affordable, scalable and easy-to-manage package. In addition to significantly enhancing end-user productivity, RoadSync simultaneously lowers IT costs by providing an easy to implement mobile e-mail strategy which eliminates the need for middleware servers and subscription fees.

Customers who purchase an M600 and P990 can register their ActiveSync client with DataViz.  More information can be found at

On 27 Jul 14:18 melvin wrote
enough sony ericsson i want the p990 now.
learn from nokia and launch new phones quickly
On 24 Jul 12:42 hashmatnawabi wrote
ohh my god i really love this mobile i dont know why i just love it too much ericsson ma life ....
On 24 Jul 09:20 Soso wrote
They sorted it out for M600 and they can't for P990?
Be serious man...
Do you think that SE learned to do software just 1 month ago or what?
On 22 Jul 22:19 MrRoss wrote
Speaking on behalf of Sony Ericsson the confirmed date of release will be the 14th August.
On 22 Jul 20:10 Jabbar wrote
p990 is coming out in November.

Others in October.

There are major issues with software!

Sony is not going to be able to fix them with over the air updates if the over the air update software itself does not function properly.

Also speed of the processors is an issue.

This information from sources in Malaysia and Japan.

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