Exclusive: First photos of prototype Black Diamond

11 September 2006 by axxxr
Many thought this would never happen but the wait is now over,and here are the first official pics of the Black Diamond prototype.

Back in march i announced a little known concept called the Black Diamond  designed by Jaren Goh which was an instant sensation and many thought this to be the ulimate luxury phone, since then VIPN has taken charge of this amazing handset and now we finally get to see the pictures of the Prototype.


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On 14 Sep 09:07 Andylicious wrote
Tso, dat ding is kk bruut idioot!!!
On 12 Sep 14:33 govigov wrote
i like the way the screen is presented on this phone, awesome.....
On 12 Sep 14:11 duxxyuk wrote
Why not the same concept in clapet format.
That would look good.
On 12 Sep 12:14 etaab wrote
You know, the more i see it, the more i dislike it. It just looks too much like a tv remote control, i dont like how the screen is forward of the keypad, i dont like the keypad, i dont like the silver brushed metal down the spine of the phone, i dont like the finger-print vulnerable surface, i loathe the camera cover / slide, i dont like the phone because its thin - not very ergonomic, and i dont like fashion phones with no function.

I think what im trying to say is, i dont like it. :)
On 12 Sep 05:28 korbindallis wrote
the built quality will be killer eat your heart out nokia :)
On 12 Sep 03:02 axxxr wrote
The actual Retail Product for the black diamond will be something special...its very early days yet for this!
On 12 Sep 02:35 danialisaretard wrote
yeah, read the whole thing before spewing cr*p out of your mouth
On 12 Sep 01:56 nameless wrote
What part of PROTOTYPE don't you understand?
On 12 Sep 01:36 danial wrote
LOOK handset is off.FAKE NOT REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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