Esato Rumour: Is this the Sony Ericsson K850 aka Sofia?

5 February 2007 by axxxr
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• Sony Ericsson K850

From the forum:
A first picture of the Sony Ericsson K850i (Sofia) has surfaced on a chinese website.

So is this the K850 sofia or just another photoshop fake?i have to say this looks a lot more convincing than the others that have cropped up recently.

The K850i is rumoured to have a 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash and QVGA recording.With the official announcements due very soon this could very well be the real deal?we shall have to wait and see. source:it168 se porftfolio 2007


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On 7 Feb 06:33 Nick wrote
On 6 Feb 15:38 Oskar wrote
This is just a phone for people that just whant a phone with a really good camera and no music things!
Nothis that there's no 3g!!
On 6 Feb 14:32 Azzaro wrote
What this ???
On 6 Feb 14:32 Xugaa wrote
Definately a fake...

If it is real, I'm sticking with my K800 which looks so much better.
On 6 Feb 13:02 trac wrote
fake! the design is a huge stepdown compared to k800..
On 6 Feb 10:39 yuunanase wrote
I thought its a 3G phone.
On 6 Feb 10:03 ali wrote
wowwwwwwwww i love it and i want it so0o0o0o0on
On 6 Feb 08:20 Si wrote
No front cam or activity menu button??????????
On 6 Feb 08:00 Paul wrote
Come on guys, this thing looks completly fake to me. K600's joystick, P900's keypad and some hints from K750/K800. Thats what it looks like.
On 6 Feb 07:55 az wrote
On 6 Feb 07:54 jjjjajjj wrote
i do not see a Videos cam
On 6 Feb 03:52 davistld01 wrote
Hope rear lens cover is more flush than k790/k800. Like the D-pad too!!
On 6 Feb 03:20 SloopJohnB wrote
It looks too fake to me...
On 6 Feb 01:23 SEA wrote
It is the OLD SAME BORRING design....
On 6 Feb 00:57 xanK wrote
killing screen and no joystick!!! the keys are a little weird though, more like the W880.
On 6 Feb 00:12 ThatDude wrote
Hope its smaller and sleeker then the k800i.

anymore info?
On 6 Feb 00:09 axxxr wrote
Quaver: no that picture on your link is just an old mock up.

And it has no relevance to the picture above!

On 5 Feb 23:56 Ace wrote
woot dpad!!
On 5 Feb 23:52 Quaver wrote
Is this the same?
On 5 Feb 22:54 MakaveLee wrote
Looks nasty
On 5 Feb 22:51 rehamer wrote
i wonder how the back side will look like.
On 5 Feb 22:20 yangyusu wrote
got big screen.

I shall make home movies with it.

On 5 Feb 22:14 glorfingal wrote
damn and I've just upgraded my contract to a k800 :-(
On 5 Feb 21:48 rehamer wrote
it just simply looks amazing. gogogogo se........cant wait to see the official announcement.
On 5 Feb 21:32 TheMaxxx wrote
looks very cool!
On 5 Feb 21:29 HunarHawleri wrote
that is great ..!!!???$$$@@%%%^^^&&&***((()))___++
On 5 Feb 21:22 janosik wrote
this design is shit !!!!

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