Video virals go mobile with 'viewtooth'

5 August 2004 by axxxr
Forbidden Technologies has launched a new video viral marketing solution for mobile phones. The service, called 'FORmobile', enables video marketing campaigns to be passed between the mobile phones via wireless bluetooth connections for free.

Forbidden, which develops technology for video distribution over the fixed and wireless internet, claims it is the first company in the world to develop this solution. It has coined the phrase 'viewtoothing' to highlight the process of sending video directly between mobile phones via bluetooth, which requires no network connection so users can send video to one another for free.

Viral campaigns take advantage of the rapid spread of messages on online social networks, such as e-mail, chat rooms, Instant Messaging, and file-sharing networks, to advertise their products. This offers companies a cheaper alternative to commercial media channels, and can help endorse a brand among like-minded consumers.

Liz Mackenzie, sales and marketing manager at Forbidden Technologies, said: "With FORmobile, users can send and receive video and cinema trailers, promotional product videos, light-hearted video clips and even short films to anyone within a 10 metre radius."

The nature of Bluetooth also means that the movement of the video via SMS can be tracked, enabling the spread of campaigns among mobile users to be monitored. Forbidden says it has already had interest from UK advertising and marketing agencies.

"The majority of campaigns are still text based, and the more dynamic services such as MMS are not finding favour in the marketing community due to consumer confusion and technical complexity," Mackenzie added.






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