New Names for Windows Mobile

30 January 2007 by axxxr
Windows Mobile 5 currently comes in three flavors: Pocket PC edition (for non-smartphone hadhelds), Phone edition (for smartphones with touchscreens), and Smartphone edition (for phones without touchscreens).

This is all very confusing, because on top of all the features your phone might support, you must determine which flavor of the OS it’s running to make sure any applications you download will work.

Crossbow, however, aims to fix this. Crossbow is Windows Mobile 6, and instead of the confusing naming scheme above, Microsoft has apparently decided to change to a more familiar sounding format. The touchscreen version will be referred to as Windows Mobile 6 “Professional“, the smartphone version will be “Standard“, and the handheld but not a smartphone will be “Classic“. source:crunchgear



On 27 Feb 17:28 Suneth wrote
On 31 Jan 11:53 Wow wrote
But still it's all the same,...they need a new interface, new applications...ala Windows Vista Proffesional.
On 30 Jan 22:22 Dwaine wrote
Finally Microsoft is wising up...

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