1 billion Mobile Phone Ads in 6 Months

30 January 2007 by axxxr
Mobile ad marketplace AdMob has revealed that it has served 1 billion mobile web ads in the past six months, compared to just 30 million in the previous six months.

Founded in early 2006, AdMob enables advertisers to reach their customers on the mobile web and allows publishers to monetise traffic on their mobile sites. Backed by real-time metrics and reporting, advertisers can reach out to users across a set of mobile content channels, including news, entertainment, mobile communities and mobile portals.

In early analysis of its mobile web page traffic, the company has picked out some  interesting and sometimes surprising trends. The US proved to be the network’s largest contributor of mobile web traffic, with South Africa, surprisingly, as the second largest source of mobile web users across AdMob’s publisher base. The UK came in fourth place, with a 12% share of the mobile web traffic on the AdMob network. Across the AdMob network the top five countries in terms of traffic are: source:mobilemarketingmagazine

1. US: 20% (90m pageviews/month)
2. South Africa: 15% (66m pageviews/month)
3. India: 13% (57m pageviews/month)
4. UK:  12% (53m pageviews/month)
5. Romania:  5% (22m million pageviews/month)

The publishers in AdMob’s network have been categorised into five primary content channels.  Of the five channels, ‘Communities’ and ‘Downloads’ far outweigh ‘Portals’, ‘News and Information’, and ‘Entertainment’ in terms of traffic. The traffic breakdown by channel is:

1. Communities: 45 %
2. Downloads: 44%
3. Portals : 8%
4. Entertainment: 2%
5. News and Information: 1%

AdMob has also revealed a breakdown of the relative proportion of devices that access the mobile web. Nokia leads the pack with a commanding 4% share of devices accessing mobile sites on the AdMob network.The top five manufacturers across the AdMob network are:

1. Nokia: 41%
2. Motorola: 14%
3. Sony-Ericsson: 13%
4. Samsung: 12%
5. LG: 3%


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