Sony Ericsson W850 Walkman announced

18 May 2006 by
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Technical details:
• Ericsson R380
• Ericsson R520
• Ericsson R600
• Ericsson T29s
• Ericsson T39
• Ericsson T60d
• Sony Xperia A
• Sony Xperia Acro S
• Sony Xperia Advance
• Sony Xperia C
• Sony Xperia E
• Sony Xperia E Dual
• Sony Xperia E1
• Sony Xperia E1 Dual
• Sony Xperia Ion LT28at
• Sony Xperia J
• Sony Xperia L
• Sony Xperia M2
• Sony Xperia Miro
• Sony Xperia Neo L
• Sony Xperia P
• Sony Xperia S
• Sony Xperia SL
• Sony Xperia Sola
• Sony Xperia SP
• Sony Xperia SX
• Sony Xperia T
• Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
• Sony Xperia Tipo
• Sony Xperia Tipo Dual
• Sony Xperia TL
• Sony Xperia TX
• Sony Xperia U
• Sony Xperia V
• Sony Xperia VL
• Sony Xperia Z
• Sony Xperia Z Ultra
• Sony Xperia Z1
• Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
• Sony Xperia Z2
• Sony Xperia ZL
• Sony Xperia ZQ
• Sony Xperia ZR
• Sony Ericsson Live Walkman
• Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman
• Sony Ericsson W200
• Sony Ericsson W580
• Sony Ericsson W600
• Sony Ericsson W610
• Sony Ericsson W700
• Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman
• Sony Ericsson W800
• Sony Ericsson W810
• Sony Ericsson W850
• Sony Ericsson W900
• Sony Ericsson W960

From the forum:
The evolution of Sony Ericsson's successful Walkman phone range takes another step forward today with the announcement of the UMTS enabled W850 slider model

Available in Precious Black or Golden White, the phone has an attention grabbing ‘heartbeat illumination’ feature to light-up the control keys in rhythm with your music. Visually stunning and appealing to use, this phone isn’t just about good looks – it also offers blisteringly fast music downloads direct to the handset. The phone is configured for operator over the air (OTA) music download services and accepts many popular music file formats including e-AAC+, which reduces download time and space needed for tracks. Memory isn’t an issue either with a 1GB memory stick PRO Duo supplied which is enough for around 1,000 songs in e-AAC+. This can be expanded to 4GB so that you can store a much larger music collection and have it with you all of the time.

The Walkman® player 2.0 simplifies navigation through music genres, playlists, individual songs or music albums and there’s also a TrackID™ feature powered by Gracenote Mobile MusicID. This is a new service which means you can record a few seconds of a song, either via the microphone or the in built FM radio, and then with one click send that clip to the Gracenote® worldwide music database which will identify the track and relay the information back to the phone.

Sony Ericsson W850 Walkman"The W850 is really empowering our users to listen to what they want, wherever they are," said Jan Wäreby, Corporate Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sony Ericsson. "Many people now have existing music collections stored in MP3. The W850 allows users to identify and buy music in a new and spontaneous way – hearing tracks they like, identifying them with TrackID™ and downloading them to the phone."

Sony Ericsson has also evolved the Walkman® music player in ways which will appeal whether you’re a new user or already familiar with the interface. The user interface is more intuitive and makes it easy to search and play tracks as well as download them. New graphics capabilities make the experience more visual and provide music metadata and album art. And the download service is integrated, so there’s no need to come out of the music player and into the web browser to visit online music stores.

There is also a high performance 2 Megapixel camera that makes it fun to capture your favourite moments and share them with friends. Fast internet access and web browsing also make it easy to use your W850 to create and maintain blogsites, so you can keep your friends posted from wherever you are.

An impressive range of accessories means you can have even more fun out of your W850. Stereo Bluetooth™ headsets allow you to enjoy music in full stereo quality wire-free, and an advanced car handsfree set makes it safe to enjoy your music phone while driving. Music Desk stand speakers provide a boost to the sound to make the W850 the centre of any party.

The Sony Ericsson W850i is a UMTS 2100 and Tri-band GPRS 900/1800/1900 Walkman phone for Europe, Middle East, Africa.
It is commercially available in Precious Black or Golden White and starts shipping during Q3 2006.

W850 features:

Imaging and messaging
  • 2.0” QVGA TFT 260k
  • 2 mega pixel
  • Landscape Imaging
  • 4 x digital zoom
  • LED Light
  • Video Recording/Playback
  • Push e-mail
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Video telephony

  • 1 GB MS PRO Duo enough for approximately 1000 tracks in eAAC+
  • Walkman Player 2.0 [MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, m4a playback]
  • Up to 30 hours music playing time
  • Full-length music download OTA
  • Music/video streaming
  • TrackID
  • Speed search music
  • Music playback with illumination
  • RDS FM Stereo Radio
  • Audio out via system connector
  • A+B buttons
  • Java 3D gaming
  • OMA DRM v. 2.0

  • UMTS 2100
  • USB 2.0 Mass storage
  • Full Access Net front HTML browser
  • RSS feeds
  • Bluetooth™ 2.0 (A2DP)
  • Landscape browsing
  • Expandable MS PRO Duo slot
  • PC Synchronization
  • Flight mode
  • FOTA
  • Kit Content:
    • 1 GB MS PRO Duo
    • Stereo headset
    • USB Cable
    • PC SW

  • Audio cable out
  • BT stereo music headset (A2DP)
  • Adv. car handsfree
  • Media Center 3 – for wireless plug & play connection to PC an HiFi
  • Music Desk stand speakers (Sony Branded)
  • FM transmitter


Sony Ericsson W850

Sony Ericsson W8500

Sony Ericsson W850 Walkman

On 6 Sep 07:05 SkiTTLeS wrote
Any news when this phone's gonna be released?
On 2 Sep 14:37 leen wrote
its the best 4 now i like it alot i'm ganna take it hooooooooooooo
On 1 Sep 14:10 surershrtulsiani wrote
what is the price of this amazing phone? please tell me.
On 22 Aug 10:33 musicman wrote
I believe it does support mpeg4 video:

And only 1GB? I'm going to get a 4GB card for this baby. 4GB is only US$125 in Hong Kong where I live.
On 9 Aug 08:06 shaun wrote
does this phone have a video player please let me know
On 6 Aug 20:41 StarZtorm wrote
i AM gonna buy this when it gets in store. No matter the cost, no matter anything. im gonna get it. PERIOD!.
On 28 Jul 23:25 ash wrote
bady boy fone its myn
On 28 Jul 13:27 sweetheart wrote
just amazing n superb
On 23 Jul 03:36 K wrote
A bar of soap with mini neon bulbs stuk here n there... Ppl get a grip! Hav a look at the UI in nokia phones, and stop drooling as u speak!
On 23 Jul 03:31 K wrote
A bar of soap with mini neon bulbs stuk here n there... Ppl get a grip! Hav a look at the UI in nokia phones, and stop drooling as u speak!
On 20 Jul 16:10 Mill wrote
Very nice mobile. I want it!
On 18 Jul 21:05 KENNEDY wrote
On 10 Jul 13:27 chavboy1 wrote
well aye this is phone is a proper belta!!!!
On 10 Jul 13:27 chavboy1 wrote
well aye this is phone is a proper belta!!!!
On 4 Jul 15:48 xcutxd wrote
anyone know the size/ dimension of this phone? looks really good but afraid it'll turn out huge like w900i. (the 1st 3g walkman series).
On 28 Jun 02:16 SEfreak wrote
its launching on q3 2006 which startsfrom july to september "inbetween".
On 26 Jun 20:43 gazz wrote
when is it out - i want it!
On 26 Jun 18:49 zamy wrote
Ohhhhhhhhhh! I waiting for this come soon
On 26 Jun 18:14 Sonymadman wrote
If im on o2 can i trade in my w800i and get the w850i for free?
On 26 Jun 10:03 msa369 wrote
What is the price? When it will be available in middle east?.. I only use SONY ERICSSON PHONES (only).. "NO PROBLEMS i will waite for it"
On 22 Jun 05:56 DT wrote
Shame that SE didn't implement WiFi on this phone.

Would save on carrier costs if the capabilities of this phone could be done over the home WiFi than using the carrier all the time.

Would also be pretty kewl if we could transfer files from computer to W850i via the home Wireless LAN.
On 20 Jun 19:46 Avantt wrote
That is definitely my next phone!! The new age of the walkman is fierce!
On 19 Jun 07:01 prejith wrote
its good ..but is the price in india..plz let me know....
On 14 Jun 06:32 PINAL wrote
On 14 Jun 06:31 PINAL wrote
On 10 Jun 15:48 cOLE wrote
what is da price 4 dis fone dn wen does it cum out on da market to buy in the uk
On 8 Jun 18:27 speedboyisaac wrote
On 29 May 04:53 kenjibatusai wrote
why isn't SE doing all of them quad band 'cause my provider uses the GSM 850 and I can't get the ones that I REALLY want
On 25 May 09:42 MUKMEN wrote
I Like this phone ! but the cåmera why don't 3,2 MP ? and don't has 2 speaker like W550i
On 23 May 11:52 Stresu wrote
misto telefonu am si io unu e superrrrr
On 19 May 08:06 mcrosser wrote
wow so you will use MSPD on this one ?? great !! so people with 2GB don't have to wait for the M2s. cheers
On 19 May 01:12 futurewebdesign wrote
Me too crude75 I am dieing for the day that i leave high school and start working so i can get some cash flow, hope web designing carries me far
On 19 May 00:48 crude75 wrote
I would so want to own this phone, but probably cant afford it, I am dieing for the day that i leave high school and start working so i can get some cash flow, phone sounds great.
On 18 May 19:43 alexlt wrote
1 Gb, now we're talking
On 18 May 19:26 korbindallis wrote
(A2DP) ohhhhhhhhhhhh yaa baby
On 18 May 19:23 korbindallis wrote
i was a little scared when i saw the spy pics,
but after seeing the actual pics today i am sooo sooo happy on how its turned out
was going to buy the w900 but now secriously considering this one casue of the 1GB card wow thats good on ya sonyericsson
On 18 May 14:51 JAMAICANYOUTH wrote
What is the prie?... Where is it available?.. I only use SONY ERICSSON PHONES .. "NO PROBLEMS MAN"
On 18 May 14:24 AhSeow wrote
hmmm UTMS 2100?? only for europe, middle east and africa... Not including Asia Pacific??? then y the model is W850i which means international???
On 18 May 13:25 jehrameel wrote
it works for me!...i LIKE IT!!!...but at least try to UP those's just the same fone...but hey, I LOVE SONY! i think it's between the k800/k790 and w850 now...well that's for me though...hehehe
On 18 May 13:07 Nobody wrote
I really like this phone when it is shut.The keypad just isn't appealing to me.Overall it is a great phone and I will consider buying it.
On 18 May 12:10 docdibble wrote
Nice slider, and wow the memory stick size. Plus it's UMTS. Loving the design. Only factor now is price.
On 18 May 11:47 BigRedEnd wrote
It looks better in the " Flesh" than it did in those spy/leaked photos
On 18 May 11:35 d7jab wrote
awsome, i need.....ahem...i want one now!!
Looks good and sounds good too, nice balance of all the toys. Im liking the idea of the BT stereo headset.
gimme gimme

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