Sony Ericsson today announced the W880 Walkman mobile phone

8 January 2007 by
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Sony Ericsson today shared official photographs of its latest WalkmanŽ phone and the next milestone in the development of the WalkmanŽ phone story

Bringing the Walkman brand to the mobile phone has been one of the great success stories in the mobile market. More than 15 million Walkman phones have been sold since the introduction of the first Walkman phone, the W800, in August 2005 and Sony Ericsson is now acknowledged as a leader in mobile music.

The W880 has been mentioned before in our discussion forum but Sony Ericsson has not reviled much information about the model. We have reasons to believe that the W800 is a GSM tri-band model with UMTS network support and a large 240x320 display.

The W880 will launch within the first half of 2007 when more details will be provided.

Sony Ericsson W880 Walkman

Sony Ericsson W880 Walkman

And a few unofficial photos:

Sony Ericsson W880 spy pics

Sony Ericsson W880 spy pics

Sony Ericsson W880 spy pics

Sony Ericsson W880 spy pics

Sony Ericsson W880 spy pics

Sony Ericsson W880 spy pics


More photos can be found in an older news article



On 4 Feb 07:30 NikNazryMdNawi wrote
Holding this phone would feel like holding a MOTOROLA L6/L7... same thickness i guess... Being a fat ass, the keypad would be too small for me to use... i'll skip this one.
On 2 Feb 21:30 Treels wrote
Just dont hope its like the Samsung X820. its pretty thin but its a slow piece of junk.
On 2 Feb 18:15 Treels wrote
Admitted this phone is one of the nicest phones SE have ever made. compared to mine w550i or the w850 this one is much nicer. i dont think its that ugly. okay the grey version suck but the black one it damn nice. if this one had been a car it would have been a porsche. very stylish. nice with a slim phone from sony ericsson. all the other walkman phones they have made was way to thick.
On 1 Feb 11:40 avaya wrote
On 25 Jan 09:46 Cesar wrote
it just a lovely mobile with 512 mb and 2 mp and only sonyericsson can make it.
On 19 Jan 01:16 N95 wrote
Butt ugly crap!
On 17 Jan 14:39 Mike007 wrote
The sleek n the elegant design is the killer.Sony Ericsson is the leading fashionable mobile phone maker in the business...much much better than nokia stuffs....neways i use W800i
On 16 Jan 17:17 abc wrote
loda jevo che
On 16 Jan 02:40 ludabin wrote
Thats very nice mobile phone i love sony ericsson's products thank you
On 15 Jan 17:19 min wrote
the keypad looks pretty yuckky. but nice to have a slim walkman phone finally!!
doubt itll have ALL the features because phone companies are unlikely to create a PERECT phone as it will spoil the market for every other model. so, dont get your hopes up ladies and gentlemen...
On 15 Jan 14:36 SHAJILPATHIKKAL wrote
Good one !!!!!
On 15 Jan 12:01 ShahSawarKhanUSAIDBe wrote
It is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice, but all the feature is not available at the moment. so to say any thing about the phone will be in advance.
On 15 Jan 06:39 Junaid wrote
Its good but the keys area is not upto the mark and finishing is just so so. if W880i doesnt have 2 MP camera and 512MB memory then its totally fail from ma side.I hope it ll contain all these features. otherwise its good to have slim W series:)
On 14 Jan 12:09 Norbee wrote
Blademobile by Sony Ericsson? Nice!!!!!
On 14 Jan 08:04 Nishaj wrote
very nice design, a best addition to walkman product line, we are eagerly waiting for it.
On 14 Jan 00:24 Dogmann wrote

You are right about the memory for this phone being M2, but otherwise you argument is not correct. Some of the new Sony Laptops do also take SD cards and Memory Sticks and the new VGN-UX-1XN supports both Compact Flash and Memory Stick Duo.

If this is not a UIQ3 smart phone I may well buy this as long as I can Sync Outlook for all my contacts I never text and very rarely have to dial new numbers and I like it especially now 2GB M2's are available but just for Voice calls and Music.

On 13 Jan 06:54 daman wrote
luks ok but prefer my phone - w900
On 13 Jan 04:45 dandrinan wrote
rondezee, how are they trying to copy the d900? they look no where near the same
On 13 Jan 01:42 Anthony wrote
Looks interesting but I go for K800i.
On 13 Jan 01:00 rondezee wrote
looks like there trying to copy da D900, i think this looks better coz its got video callin. need some info on it tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 12 Jan 18:28 sako wrote
i have k750i its the best
On 12 Jan 18:07 koby wrote
what are the specs on the phone.
On 12 Jan 14:50 Residentevil wrote
The connector is actually on the side. Interesting.
On 12 Jan 13:41 skywalker wrote
shit!!! so slim....but i like my mobile...W600
On 12 Jan 13:30 wrote
load of shit!!!
On 12 Jan 11:17 spooky wrote
Well the phone looks ok but not so strong and might easily break it.
On 12 Jan 09:44 AVROL wrote
On 11 Jan 22:45 opa wrote
who cares about the iPhone it's ugly, and non original

who the freeg makes such a big deal about the iPHONE?

LG already has a design likethe iPhone and touch screen,

APple is a little late in the game.
On 11 Jan 16:16 slim wrote
its slim for W series
On 11 Jan 10:23 mangjose wrote
i hope it has the camera features of a K800 ang the walkman function ok a W850 ^_^
On 11 Jan 05:03 captain wrote
horroroso,despues de ver el iphone de apple,sonyericson va a tener que trabajar muy duro por que la competencia apenas comienza.
it looks horrible,after the launch of apple's iphone S.E will have to work very hard 'cause the war is just beggins,
On 11 Jan 02:31 Modesto wrote
Its a neat device... but is nothing compared with the apple iphone...
On 10 Jan 23:08 ECS wrote
for the guy above who doesnt look at pictures too well... you asked or mentioned if it has a SD slot... theres a clear picture of where it shows an M2 slot...
On 10 Jan 21:32 MuiskyMXA wrote
IT'S A NICE PHONE I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
On 10 Jan 21:32 adam wrote
i woul like to get this but it is 2 thin 4 me i will stick with my w850i thanks
On 10 Jan 18:41 Delta wrote
I want function in K800 and Design W850 Or W950 laa
^-^ take to thailand naa
On 10 Jan 17:22 bashirmustapha wrote
I know only Sony Ericsson can do that
On 10 Jan 10:28 marko wrote
igat head kraami leutatakse ka ja et pliiatsid telefoniks teha ei taha?
On 10 Jan 07:14 NiTiN wrote
Its Just Good But Not like what i Like It........
On 10 Jan 00:49 PeterMmX wrote
SonyEricsson has experience in producing slim phones - as Ericsson it Was R320 and T28s...
BTW Sony Will NOT implement SD memory card slot because it has it's OWN standard - MemoryStick. That's SONY's patented memory card so forget about SD slot.
Best Regards!
On 10 Jan 00:41 Raptor46 wrote
The keyboard is HORRIBLE
On 9 Jan 22:23 jack77777 wrote
On 9 Jan 18:34 cyrus wrote
Give us a proper information so we can think to buy it.
On 9 Jan 17:13 erika wrote
es el teléfono que quiero en estos momentos, me encanta está super lindo.
On 9 Jan 12:22 ashraf wrote
really nice
On 9 Jan 10:45 anonymous wrote
should be 2mpx, as w900i is also 2mpx
unless there's a w910i
On 9 Jan 04:01 suland wrote
well...2Mpix camera...
On 9 Jan 02:23 Shilling wrote
Speculation...Only speculation! So et's wait when it comes out to really talk...hat do you think?
On 9 Jan 00:16 SE4NICK wrote
Ooooh sofistication
On 8 Jan 19:51 rehamer wrote
very eragon........nice dragon
On 8 Jan 19:05 simon wrote
i hope it will have larger internal memory,longer standby,enhanced camera better than w900..
On 8 Jan 18:35 xrat3d wrote
If it a has 3.2 Mpix cam and a decent stand by, I gonna buy it. Otherwise.. i'll stick with my beloved k800i.
On 8 Jan 18:33 rehamer wrote
very eragon........nice dragon
On 8 Jan 17:37 blippa wrote
all depends how much memory it has.
and if they put an sd slot in it to upgrade capacity
On 8 Jan 17:34 marsuni wrote
only one i can say "its wonderfull n go go go SE"
On 8 Jan 17:02 HaRRy wrote
i think that it will not be very good mobile because it´s the first time that sony ericcson produces such a slim mobile... It will propably have some imperfetions that will be overcomed with the production of other sony ericcson slim mobile phones. The perfection demands previously experience...
On 8 Jan 15:29 kelly wrote
nice phone, and i know it will come with 3.2mp,but what i am not so sure of is whether it will be a uiq non touch sreen phone.
On 8 Jan 13:50 FahadKhan wrote
Looks Great, I think its a Solid Metal Piece, I Hope SE's this Walkman is able to capture video in atleast QVGA Resolution with 30fps.
On 8 Jan 13:44 Apolloa wrote
Note they don't show the stupid tiny buttons. Did they survive the final design?? I hope not.
@ ToneyEricsson, yep it reminds me of the Ipod Nano advert too.
On 8 Jan 13:42 fred wrote
What is so innovative about this then? Not much!
On 8 Jan 13:40 Pouria wrote
On 8 Jan 12:53 Xugaa wrote
Looks very nice!
On 8 Jan 12:28 ToneyEricsson wrote
The top picture resembles an i-pod advert I remember seeing.
On 8 Jan 12:22 grimm wrote
everyone sed it looks nasty but from these pics it looks like it has a quality build and looks stylish.still waiting for sofia though.
On 8 Jan 12:11 spaider202000 wrote


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