Sony Ericsson C901 Cyber-shot phone announced

10 February 2009 by
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• Sony Ericsson C901
The third model announced by Sony Ericsson today is the C901 Cyber-shot phone. It has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus with Xenon flash and face detection.

The similarities with the C903 are many, as most C901 features are also found in the newly announced C903. The obvious differences are of course the form factor. C903 is a slider model, while C901 has a candy-bar form. C901 has Xenon flash for low light photography while C903 does not have light of Xenon type. Sony Ericsson C901

I am guessing the three entry/mid range model announcements today were done because Sony Ericsson want us to have full focus the high-end devices during the Mobile World Congress next week. Esato will of course cover the MWC highlights so watch this space 

C901 specifications

Sony Ericsson C901Camera

  • 5 megapixel
  • Autofocus
  • Xenon flash
  • Photo fix
  • Smile Shutter
  • Smart Contrast
  • Snapfish
  • Video recorder
  • Video stabiliser
  • Geo tagging
  • Red-eye reduction
  • Video calling (main camera only)


  • Music formats MP3, AAC
  • TrackID
  • PlayNow
  • MegaBass
  • Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
  • Album art
  • Media Player


  • FM radio
  • Walk Mate (step counter)
  • Java
  • YouTube application
  • 3D games
  • Motion gaming


  • USB suport
  • Synchronisation
  • Modem
  • Bluetooth
  • Google Maps


  • RSS reader (web feeds)
  • WAP 2.0 XHTML
  • Access NetFront web browser


  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Email
  • Exchange ActiveSync support
  • IM (Instant messaging)



On 26 Feb 18:23 asimajml wrote
It is a good fone if QVGA Video Recording option present.But prices of SE new fone sets are vey high but one or tow years after lounching price goes down about 50% why?
On 22 Feb 15:55 Jerrie wrote
SE does great phones that is the truth. But it is always falling behind if is not a relise date something else. One other thing is that they should knoiw that there is still market for supper low entry level phone as with other menufactures we can gate phone that the only high STD feature is a radio and they are numeros models that are seling. But with SE they can only bring one model @ a time. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Please market you products people are ready to buy. & this thing of compliling third party software to make a desent phone isn't working. just make a SONYERICSSON phone as you did with T39m, T68i and all earlier models.
On 19 Feb 00:23 Blaize wrote
Frankly, after so many near misses, i have currently in my greasy hand my 2nd C902, its brilliant, but! as ever the keys are looking worn, after only 6 months, and dust ingress has started to make the keys a little stiff sometimes, now what im trying to say is that compared to Nokia and others the menu/operating paths and features are bloody great, but for f**ks sake will someone at SE ever understand that a Nokia is better made, and more durable, get the quality issues right, save the money you chuck at crappy new phones that are just a re-hash of last weeks crappy phones, take time out get it right for once, my best SE phone was a T68i for gods sake, thats years ago, remember, 'The quality remains long after the price is forgotten' Argggggggggh i could run this shower better!
On 16 Feb 17:45 nanaopanao wrote
hurray sony erection !!Great comment from gamma sharma...
On 16 Feb 16:34 Danielle wrote
The design is so terrible, it's awful. No secondary camera for a video call. The camera censor looks small. Is that even worse than k850i?

I would accept it if they sell it for sorta low-mid end market price.

I really love Sony Ericsson and I will stick with it forever, but it still disappointing me. But other brand will disappoint you more. :)
On 16 Feb 15:35 Indian wrote
I'm not buying an SE again, unless they change that shitty fast-port connector....
SE had already fallen to #5 spot and these kinda phones are really the way to their own grave...
On 16 Feb 13:24 GammaSharmaIndia wrote
Please keep the Design Team and FIRE the management and research team SonyErection! The recession is making them think low and unknown to the fact that the number 2 position has been taken away by force by Samsung Mobiles (here in India atleast), let alone defeate the mighty Nokia.

I believe the SE fans to be the most loyal of them all eversince they saw a glimmer of hope for revolution when k550 and k790 were released back then. But that trust we had on it is weathering due to SE own shortcoming compared to other giants like Nokia and even Samsung.

I ud love to strangle the narrow minded tunnel-visioned brains of its managerial team with my own Hand to say the least.

So long SonnyErection!
On 16 Feb 06:03 RadenRupawan wrote
On 11 Feb 19:29 TeknoBoi90 wrote
Maybe I'm too optimistic, but maybe SE wanted to released these 3 phones before the WMC symbolically to say bye to the past and REALLY start 2009 in a completely new way... Maybe they were already designed etc so SE released them but now we'll have the revolution...
Do you say I'm a dreamer??? Probably YES... :-((
On 11 Feb 17:03 Spijo wrote
Its really puzzling how you can video call someone using the Main camera, ITS EVEN HARD TO IMAGINE IT!! Its not better than the K850i that I got.
Try again SE...
On 11 Feb 11:07 modnurv wrote
How disappointing!!!! NO SECONDARY CAMERA!!! How difficult to video call someone using main camera...
On 10 Feb 23:04 Bhavv wrote
Piece of crap, I already have a rubbish K850i.

Goodbye SE, hello LG.
On 10 Feb 20:01 gizmo wrote
Wake me up when sony release something new....
On 10 Feb 19:04 miguel82 wrote
Same phones same specs.....
On 10 Feb 18:00 Mode wrote
D-uh, it's SE, so probably 2.2"-2.4" tops. I can say with absolute certainty without knowing the facts that the video record will at QVGA resolution, mainly because they still think they're ahead of the game, so who cares what the consumer wants
On 10 Feb 16:31 dayz wrote
how big is that screen?

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