Picture leaks of iPhone 5 spare parts

27 August 2011 by
The next generation Apple iPhone are supposedly being announced later this autumn. Until the real thing appears, we will have to settle with rumors and spy photos of spare parts.

Apple iPhone 5 / 4G spare parts

Live goes on. Even after Jobs, the CEO and major inspirator over at Apple has stepped down from the leading the company. The iPhone 4S/5 is expected to be announced on October 7th and even before an official announcement is made, third party spare part suppliers are selling iPhone 5 components online such as battery, lens proximity light sensor.

Macpost has dig up even more images of the back cover of the upcoming iPhone model. The white back cover has the text N94 printed on it indicating it is a fifth-generation iPhone spare part. Model specific info printed on the cover such as size, model numbers are anonimized with a couple of X-characters.


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julias12 years, 9 months ago
If that backplate is at all real then the new iphone 5 doesn't look very interested and is too similar to the IP4.

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