Just 20 seconds to figure out the Iphone 4-digit lock code or Android pattern lock code

29 March 2012 by
A tool developed by a Swedish security firm show how easy it is to gain access to a an Iphone or Android smartphone

Finding out an Iphone 4-digit access code

Everything is of course easy if you know how to do it, and what the video below shows us is that police authorities in most countries will easily gain access to most information stored on any modern mobile phone. The XRY solution which is made by the Swedish firm Micro Systemation is a mix of software and hardware for extracting data from mobile phones running on any modern mobile operating system. Over 60 different cables are included in version 6.2 of the both the office- and field version.

The latest release note for the XRY Forensic Pack reveals that version 6.2 can bypass Iphone 4-digit passcode, import and decrypt Iphone backup files, automatic rooting for 90& of Android smartphones, decode Android swipe code (if USB debugging is turned on) and Wi-Fi passwords, Blackberry partition dump, dump and decoding of webOS handsets.

Only known devices are supported by XRY but the list of devices are huge with over 6.600 unique devices. Micro Systemation has a list of which type of data their solution can extract from each of these devices. New Chinese clone phone are born every day, and while these devices usual are made of stock chipsets, different communication ports and types of connectors makes mobile forensics difficult. Micro Systemation's XRY might not work with these new handset models.


Simple way get access to the Android patten lock code

XRY Complete field-set includes cables, memory card reader and software.

XRY field-set for gaining access to mobile phones




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