Google adds Play to service menubar

27 March 2012 by
Google today added a new Play Store link to the menubar of all its services

Google menu bar now with link to play

In a move to attract more users over to the Google Play Store, Google has added a new Play-link on top of the page of all its services. The link is visible to both signed in Google users and those visiting a Google service for the first time.

Google Play is a collection of services such as previously named Android Market, Google Music and eBookstore. The search giant earlier this month merged all these services into one called Google Play Store. Today the shorter name Play found its way to the menubar clearly visible to all its users. Notice how all the elements in the menu are short words where "Android Market" would be a too long link description.

It is a step in the right direction for Google to let the world without an Android device know that it runs a very large app store. We still remember the time when you had to know the app store address ( if you wanted to use the desktop browser to find a new Android app.

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goldenface10 years, 10 months ago
Great! The more integration between phone and laptop / pc the better.

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