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18 February 2009 by Olav Hellesø-Knutsen

Sony Ericsson Idou demonstrated - Esato Special

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Today we had a little chat with the product manager of Sony Ericsson Idou. Watch the video here
18 February 2009

What we saw was limited demonstration of the new S60 OS from the Symbian Foundation.

The Idou product manager only wanted to show us the media part of the Idou. This was the only part of the phone which could run without the Idou crashing too much. The Idou will be available in stores in the first part of second half of 2009. My guess is that means it will be in the stores October 1st. I asked what they were waiting for. Hardware or software. The answer is, as in most cases, the software engineers. While the C905 has it's origin from Sweden, Idou is mostly developed by the Japanese counterpart of the company.

Enjoy the Idou video:

On 14 Mar 19:14 wiifan32k wrote
I hope it's not going to cost $800 like the :es: X1
On 9 Mar 05:14 OWE wrote
i cant wait to get this phone but the problem is i want to see the menu first because every single video i see in youtube about this phone they show the walkman could somebody post a link that shows the menu and the message and every thing instead of britney spears
On 7 Mar 06:17 rameshreddyg wrote
i like this phone very much so plese tell price of the phone i want this phone
On 6 Mar 04:50 oscarreyes wrote
how much will this phone be costing
On 27 Feb 17:40 soso wrote
On 27 Feb 12:18 ASS wrote
WHy's this stupid asshole touching the phone with his fingernails? I dunno why, but it's so annoying.
On 24 Feb 17:07 bugz wrote
Cant wait to have is the best..good job se idou developer!
On 23 Feb 18:10 laffen wrote
I know. It is because Sony Ericsson told us so. A long time is relative. As stated in the article: It should be out before October 2009. Announcing the device 8 month ahead of the release date is something Sony Ericsson has chosen to do. I don't know why
On 23 Feb 16:49 kelly wrote
i dont know why a lot of reviewers even GSMARENA says that this device will take a long long time to get to the market,just like xperia.
On 22 Feb 13:27 SELUVA wrote
OMG!! this fon z so gud! se z really da besta! i cant w8 2 get ridda me x1 n get dis bad boy! iphone uzers is loozers...
On 22 Feb 12:49 SanyafromRussia wrote
Sony Ericsson has put UIQ to the trash and will use S60
On 21 Feb 15:51 john wrote
great job even faster than iphone..
On 21 Feb 13:49 Ahmad wrote
How price with SE Idou?
On 20 Feb 21:59 MrHTC wrote
Looks like another HTC design with a MicroSD slot.

Will Sony Cybershot cameras go away from Memory Stick? I don't think so.

How do I bring my Cybershot images into my handset??
On 19 Feb 10:05 SamBaloch wrote
rocking again SE,i really the concept of this times m havin XM 5800 but cant wait for idou to come in ma hands.......................excellent job SE.
On 19 Feb 09:19 carkitter wrote
The more I see of this phone the more likely it is that my cherished iPhone 3G 8GB is going to be handed down to my wife...

This device puts SE in the big league again.
On 19 Feb 08:54 NitroFan wrote
Its a work in progress still way to early to judge what this thing is really like, but if the SW is from Sony's side of the camp I have some concerns Sony simply cannot write good software for anything other than their playstation.
On 19 Feb 06:56 Donny wrote
Sure Idou is great and all but no physical qwerty will annoy some users - recall the W950/960 same trend here.

However its' going to take close to November for this to debut since Symbian-Foundation OS is yet to ship in Golden Master until late 2009!
On 19 Feb 03:53 Timgt wrote
While nokia just announced 8mp phone SE anounced 12.1 with 16m colours and symbian os... and design outta this world! i would say best upcoming phone for 2009!
On 19 Feb 02:46 mode wrote
Your decision to get disappointed based on a LIMITED DEMONSTRATION is spot on. Really smart to critisize a building's 30% complete outlook while still under construction.
On 18 Feb 20:57 drob wrote
Nothing new or amazing here ....... another dissapointing addition from SE.
On 18 Feb 19:46 mediar wrote
How to download it with HD quality?
On 18 Feb 17:35 BOB wrote
Could you not have chosen a better angle? His hand is in the way most of the time!
On 18 Feb 17:07 harry20larry wrote
video cut short cause he drops the phone!
On 18 Feb 16:56 norbi1988 wrote
nice xD
On 18 Feb 15:17 Dale wrote
cant wait for this phone.... sorry X1

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