Motorola Launches StudioMOTO Online Mobile Music and Video Message Creator

24 April 2006 by axxxr
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Motorola today announced StudioMOTO, a first of its kind, free online music studio that lets users create their own multimedia for their mobile.

StudioMOTO lets mobile users communicate beyond the static text message, with multimedia messages that resemble mobile postcards containing a combination of text, music, video and animation.This innovative new web site provides consumers with pre-selected music, rhythms, video animation and text to design a whole library of personalized multimedia messages that can be sent to a GSM phone* or email address.

“Tech-savvy consumers want to move beyond everyday communication on their mobiles," said Kathleen Finato, senior director, North America Marketing, Motorola. “With StudioMOTO, users can bring their own individuality to their mobile communications- illustrating their thoughts and emotions without feeling flat. "

In addition to true multimedia messages, the site simulates a real music studio experience, letting users build unique music tracks that can be used as ringtones. Taking their imagination as far as they want, users can choose from a robust list of club-style drum loops and grooves to create something original. For those users looking to test their skills in music video creation, users can take music and exclusive “behind the scenes" video footage from select artists to produce their very own mobile music videos. Artists include Bang Sugar Bang, Dave the Hustler, Paco and The 88. Once created, these videos can be shared with friends via email or saved on the users’ GSM handset.For additional information please visit: StudioMOTO

On 25 Apr 18:11 alex wrote
moto is imitating SE video DJ and photo DJ.SE is champion!
On 24 Apr 22:28 thelazyguyreturns wrote
isn't that SE's version of Music DJ and Video DJ???

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