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1 February 2005 by axxxr
Waag Society is developing Frequency 1550, a "mobile learning game" useing mobile phones and GPS-technology

Waag Society is developing a 'mobile learning game' pilot together with IVKO, part of the Montessori comprehensive school in Amsterdam. It's a citygame using mobile phones and GPS-technology for students in the age of 11-12 (so called HAVO+MAVO basic curriculum). It is a research pilot examining whether it's possible to provide a technology supported educational location-based experience. In the Frequency 1550 mobile game, students will be transported to the medieval Amsterdam of 1550 via a medium that's familiar to this agegroup: the mobile phone. The pilot will take place in 2005 from 7 to 9 February and is supported by KPN Mobile's UMTS network.

The 11-12 year old students are invited to the Waag building, one of Amsterdam's medieval citygates, for three special project days. During network tests a Waag Society development-team has run into strange frequency problems and found the Amsterdam UMTS-network to be magically interfering with a different time period: the medieval era. A recording is made of the medieval city's bailiff getting in contact with the here and now: 21st century Amsterdam. Through some technical difficulties and religious misunderstandings he mistakes the intruders to be pilgrims coming to 1550 Amsterdam to visit the special relic: the Holy Host associated with The Miracle of Amsterdam. Because it recently got lost he suggests a deal: he can provide easy access to citizenship if we can help him retrieve the holy relic. The students take up their roles as competing pilgrims and thus step into the game's story. More information and game details on:

Gamephone interface preview below

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