Charge your handset on the move

22 August 2004 by axxxr
A university research team in Korea succeeded in charging handsets with electricity generated by the movement of a walking person

"The new system works as a tiny Walking Generator and a voltage –generating driver built in footwear convert the move of the footwear or kinetic energy to electricity. Every 4 to 5 walks generate 5MW electricity to charge the micro battery in the footwear.

The research team also added that if the system gains 5 to 10 times more efficiency to become commercially useful, it is expected to charge mobile devices such as handsets or MP3 in 5 to 6 hours. Furthermore, the electric energy accumulated in the shoes can be switched to frequency to remotely trace location and help find lost children."

"The Korean daily Choson Ilbo reported that the research team led by Professor Hyung-sik Choi at division of Mechanical and Information Engineering in Korea Maritime University developed an advanced kinetic measurement system for footwear that converts kinetic energy to electric energy.

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