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What's the best blackberry to get?

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Posted by villean
My brother is nearly 17 and he's looking for a phone, he likes blackberry, but he doesn't know which is better. Anyone know

Posted by hibiskus
Blackberry Z10 is way to go, its pretty cheap now 200$, 4.2 screen, dual core processor with 2gb ram, bb10 OS is excellent and they are upgrading it constantly, so now you can install android apps straight from the phone.

Posted by Supa_Fly
Completely agree!

Since our Op didn't disclose his or her location pricing is hard to determine.

Here in Toronto on Craigslist or kijiji I can find a very good condition 9/10 Z10 for $150-240; even a BNIB $225-250 any day of the week, Q10 for under $300 if I find the posting same day.

BB will be around for a few more years still and seems under Mr Chen their going all out and very fast to become lucrative again.

I recommend googling crackberry and 10.2.1 leaks when your brother gets his to get the latest features which is what BB10 needed from launch.

Cheers and hope your brother enjoys. Check the other threads here as well as some information will be helpful. Ask any questions you need.

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