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RIM Manufacturing Partner Ends BlackBerry Production

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Posted by tranced
Research In Motion accounted for 19 percent of contract manufacturing partner Celestica’s revenue in its last quarter. By the end of this year, it will account for none at all.

Over the next three to six months, Celestica will cease production of the handsets it’s been making for RIM as the struggling BlackBerry maker streamlines its supply chain.

A tough break for Celestica, whose long-running contract with RIM — and nearly one-fifth of its revenue — is now just another casualty of the company’s plan to trim roughly $1-billion from its operating costs by the end of fiscal 2013.


Posted by Geezay
The writings on the wall. Wonder who the casualty will be? RIM? That would REALLY cut productions costs!

Posted by jplacson
RIM's problem is it didn't want to license out it's BBM for fear of competition. Kik does so much better and is cross platform. As is Whatsapp, Viber (makes calls too) and all the other messaging apps that outperform BBM. BBM is like sending a telegraph, or even worse... A FAX! Had they made BBM a paid corporate app (security and all) it would sell like crazy!

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