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FS: Blackberry Bold 9790 Sim free - PLS CLOSE

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Posted by fbloise
Selling Blackberry Bold 9790 Sim free
(no trades)

Includes Box with headphones, usb and main charger. Also the original soft cover.


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Posted by fbloise
Bin set on 240 including free shipping within UK and Ireland.

Posted by fbloise
Included in the sale will be:

Additional battery, external charger, genuine leather pouch (40 in accesories there for free)

Posted by SonyBoi
No one deal with this time waster!

Said he wanted to buy my phone http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=203852 - asked me to wait till the 28th of April, which I did, and on the 28th he tells me to "chill" and next day he tells me he didn't get paid enough so i need to wait. From the past couple of days he has been ignoring me (can see the "R" on bbm but with no reply!). So will take it his a complete time waster & a pr!ck.

Btw just so everyone knows, he bought this phone (9790) for 195 on ebay.

Posted by fbloise

Posted by fbloise
Now sold

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