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Free Unlock Codes for All Blackberry

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Posted by lomb
Limited promo only but worth the share just fill in imei and mep on webpage and code is sent within 12 hours. The link is http://www.unlockingsoftware.co.uk/product/mepbb.html

Let me know how you get on with free unlocks.
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Posted by Thehobo
Why do they need your mep number if remote is being done by imei? Old blackberry security eg the ones with the old standard universal usb pins can be done via mfi loader and its corresponding mfi file for the device. New blackberry security. Thats the new usb pins like nokias can only be done via cable solution or remote. Then the very old blackberries like 72xx dont use mfi flash files. You need the blackberry Code Calculator for it

Posted by lomb
The MEP number corresponds to the security version on the phone this is used with the imei to get the correct unlock code for the phone. Otherwise using methods like just imei will return 8 lines of codes.

The IMEI + MEP is just the same as the IMEI + PIN version which is done direct via RIM the downsides to this are its 12-20.00 per unlock in most cases and takes up to one week.

The MEP+IMEI can be done instantly over the internet by yourself. I will give 5 accounts to the first 5 people to PM so they can try this method and report back for themselfs.

There are 2 ways to read the imei and mep from your phone. One with cable and one without this is addressed here in a step by step guide. Get this info and your ready to unlock I show you the rest afterwards

Instructions Step By Step Guide including the Engineer Menu Unlock Calculator

First 5 only PM me also dont spam the board.

Thanks Lomb

Click to view updated thread with images

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