Apple among the worlds top-ten most valuable brands for the first time

17 January 2012 by
Companioned with well known tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Intel and HP, Apple range as the eight most valuable brand in the world

Apple among 10 of the worlds most valuable brand

Interbrand has released its list of the worlds top-100 brands excluding privately held companies. 

Apple has jumped from 17th to 8th place were the brand value has increased from $21.14 to $22.49 billion. A 58 percentage increase since 2010. Google is one of the other 4 companies in the top-10 list with direct interests in the telecom industry. The company rank has not changed since 2010 and still ranks at number four. But the company value still increased from $43.55 to $55.31 billion. The other telecom related companies are Intel on 7, Microsoft on 3 and HP on 10th place. All the top-10 companies has increased their value since 2010 except Microsoft with a 3% decrease in value.

To calculate the brand value, Interbrand finds its estimates based on projected profits discounted to a present value. The discount rate is a subjective rate determined by Interbrand and Wall Street equity specialists and reflects the risk profile, market leadership, stability and global reach of the brand

Nokia used to be number 8 on the list, but this place is now taken by Apple. Nokia is pushed down to number 14. Samsung is not a small player either with a 20% increase in value from $19.49 to $23.43 billion and a 2 step range improvement.

Sony has reduced its brand value with 13% from $11.35 to $9.88 billion. Down 5% on 56th place, we find Blackberry. New on the 2011-list is HTC on 98 place, with a value of $3.5 billion. 


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