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Blackberry JVM 543

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Posted by Yasman
Wondering if anyone can help on this issue

My friend has got this error on his BB9700.

the error message description on the web is:

"543 VM_FS_MISMATCH: Incompatible Java filesystem installed The VM has detected that the OS binary is different than the OS binary used to create the Java file system. This means that the Java native methods may not be linked properly and as such, the integrity of the system cannot be guaranteed. The system can be recovered by using the VM DLFX and DLPS commands to delete the fixups and persistent store. This will clear all data and fixups and let the filesystem relink to match the new OS binary. The recovery order is important: 1) Delete Fixups 2) Delete Persistent Store 3) Reset device. "

The thing I want to know is what is "VM DLFX" and what is "DLPS"?
how does one use those commands as it only gives option on screen for reboot and then same message again

any ideas

regards Yasman

Posted by Nanu
Has he tried running application loader through the Desktop manager to reinstall the OS? this may fix it according to the University of Google.....

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