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Blackberry ScreenSaver

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Posted by mediar
Blackberry ScreenSaver - released on 23 Mart 2010!

Blackberry ScreenSaver is a pretty simple but functional and useful flash screensaver for mobile phones. This time I recreated Blackberry's flip clock, using some elements from Blackberry Theme and the real colors and proportions of the elements. I used Adobe Flash CS4 to create it and runs only on phones which support Flash Lite 2.0 ( or higher ) and have built-in accelerometer. You can download it free from the green button below:


The screensaver is designed for mobile phones with 320x240 screen resolution, with the ability to play Flash Lite 2 animations and owning built-in accelerometer. Once again, 176x220 ( or smaller ) displays aren't supported any more. It's tested on these models: W910, W890, and C902. And the key features are:

- All of the elements inside and their places are synchronized with the same one on real Blackberry Storm 2, running Blackberry OS 5;
- It contains two styles of the clock - flip and digital, which you can change by shaking the phone;
- Each of the styles has a horizontal view, appearing when you tilt the phone to left;
- Displays the current date and day of the week ( unfortunately only in English );
- The format of the clock changes automatically from 12h to 24h and vice versa, depending on the options of the phone;
- There is a small indicator at the bottom, that appears when the battery of the phone drops under 5%.

For bugs or questions write here or in my forum. Decompiling and editing the swf file without my permission is absolutely forbidden. The latest official version is Blackberry ScreenSaver V1 build 29. More: Logon and Theme. The file hosting is supported by MediaFire, MegaUpload and 4Shared. Credits: one big "Thank you!" to these people for giving me the resources and help I needed:

hunteeer at Flickr for his screenshots of the original Blackberry Storm clock;
GSMArena for their detailed review of Blackberry Storm and Storm 2;
My beta tester ( his name's Vladi ) who tested the screensaver and reported all bugs, helping me to make it perfect.
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