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Blackberry Theme

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Posted by mediar
Blackberry Theme - released on 15 February 2010!

Blackberry Theme is my new project for Sony Ericsson branded phones. It's the first and probably the best theme, imitating Blackberry OS 5. It's very precise and accurate recreation of the RIM's OS, made using Blackberry Storm 2's screenshots and OEM content. It's made through Sony Ericsson Theme Creator 4.12. You can download it free from my site! The theme supports all Sony Ericsson phones without OS from K800 up to Hazel. Download button:


A complete overview of each version of the theme you can find in the download advisor. Be sure you use the correct version for your phone. There isn't version for phones with 176x220 screens, since it's already outdated and there aren't any new phones with such displays. The theme is tested on these models: W910, W890, and U100. And a short list of its advantages:

- All of the elements inside and their places are synchronized with the same one on real Blackberry Storm 2, running Blackberry OS 5;
- Some of the versions* contain Media Manager skin in the corresponding style;
- Newer phones*, who have conversation view in the messaging menu, will find it nicely customized, again with the appropriate skin;
- As part of the standard content, the theme contains the default OEM ringtone and message alert;
- You can change the wallpaper with your own without to remove the statusbar and the softkeys background.

*You can find out which in the download advisor.

For bugs or questions write here or in my forum. Attention - don't edit the theme via Sony Ericsson Theme Creator or other program, because you will loose the Media Manager and conversation view skin!! The latest official version is Blackberry Theme V1 build 51. More: Logon, ScreenSaver and Wallpapers. The file hosting is supported by MediaFire and 4Shared. Credits: one big "Thank you!" to these people for giving me the resources and help I needed:

CrackBerry for giving me the original wallpapers and ringtones used inside;
GSMArena for their detailed review of Blackberry Storm and Storm 2;
All my beta testers who help me to test the theme and to fix all inaccurates with the images and colors.
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Posted by tranced
Nice. Tried it on my k790 and looks ok. Although I don't like that Verizon's image. I know I can change it. Good work. Will spread the word

Posted by mediar
A bunch of Blackberry Storm 2 OEM wallpapers are released on my site for this theme. The link is in the first post.

Posted by Flexasist
not bad

Posted by arun11
It's super....

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