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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Unboxing Pictures & Review

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Posted by Plemix.com
Recently, we saw many reinvented phones launched to the market. Just like the Nokia E72 after its successor E71 to win over customer’ heart. And now, it is BlackBerry’s term. They updated its flagship model with industrial design and latest UI to more powerful model, Bold 9700 which continues to be a staple for the manufacturer. Let's take a closer look into the Bold 9700's world.

What’s inside? BlackBerry Bold 9700, battery, charger, microUSB cable, stereo headset, a leather case and user guide.

It's easy to see some of the design elements that were used in previous BlackBerry devices. With the 2.44” display which is a bit bigger than the Nokia E72 and it feels lighter in the hand and won't require much room in the pocket as well. Sure we like the updated slim looks which make Bold 9700 one of the sleekest looking BlackBerry devices we've seen.

We weren’t surprised to see the Bold 9700’s QWERTY Keyboard as it is just like the one on the Bold 9000. The most glaring cosmetic different is the trackpad which appeared on Curve 8520.The other hardware buttons surrounding the trackpad remain unchanged.

The left side houses microUSB port and standard 3.5mm headset jack which is the commonly found on every BlackBerry device.

The volume rocker and the camera shutter are located on the right side which adopts the rugged feeling on the Storm2.

The top portion hides the lock and mute buttons.

Turn it over, you may find the 3.2MP autofocus camera with LED flash. The leather like back covering makes the device looks very professional.

You have to remove the rear cover access to the microSD slot which located near the top.

The same layout of the main menu as the previous. They are continues to live on in almost every BlackBerry we've seen since then- crispy and responsive.

With an updated operating system of version 5.0 tacked on that makes internet browsing faster than before.

It starts a sharp battle for business device between Bold 9700 and Nokia E72. They are both reinvented phone, Bold 9700 got a bit larger display and it is going to be the winner in this category with a brighter and crisper screen. The most famous BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard on 9700, but E72 catch up in this department but a bit smaller. However, E72 has a better camera with 5MP. And both devices come with an application store: Nokia has its brand-new Ovi Store while RIM launched the BlackBerry App World a few months ago. Both app stores are relatively young, but are offering more new and useful apps regularly. It is quite difficult to make the decision between them. How do you think?

Posted by gforce23
Yes yes! Come to daddy! I've been waiting for you!

The E72 looks good but not as good as this!

Posted by >500

On 2009-11-23 06:44:58, gforce23 wrote:
Yes yes! Come to daddy! I've been waiting for you!

The E72 looks good but not as good as this!

hrrrmmmmm.... the e72 looks quite good in person! (yes its mine )

i was looking at getting the 9700, but the fact i dont have BIS at the moment swayed me to the nokia
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