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BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Unboxing Pictures & Review

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Posted by Plemix.com
When we take a first look at the Storm2, it looks almost the same as the old folk Storm. Of course, you would not expect the same phone masqueraded by the number “2”. BlackBerry has indeed put out a pretty refined version (although not as obvious as it appears) here. Let us dig deeper into how far Storm2 has come.

The package is a chunk of goodies. You have the phone, a battery, a charger, a data cable, a handsfree set, a CD-ROM and a user guide.

The design of Storm2 is improved with the expensive-looking tinted chromo edge which magically takes away the plasticity that most of the BlackBerry devices embrace. Some may complain that it is too heavy weighing 160g. It feels pretty hefty and solid, gracing like a mark of quality to me. Retaining the brightness and high-resolution of the 3.25-inch display, the floatiness of the old storm due to the SurePress screen is eliminated.

On he top lies the easy-to-access power and mute buttons.

The data-transfer portal and the voice-command button are found on the left side of the phone.

Volume rocker, camera shutter and 3.5mm audio jack join hands on the right.

The speaker feet that make the phone go wobbly placing on smooth surface are gone and the back of Storm2 is looking elegant. The camera is placed in a very unfriendly position as it is easily blocked by your left hand when taking landscape photos.

You can find the SIM card slot by removing the battery compartment cover.

The features and interface are pretty much the same as the old Storm. However, Storm2 takes a leap forward by including Wi-Fi support and face detection during call.

SurePress technology is still a controversial feature. I am gonna explain what this tactile feedback technology does for the newcomers. Unlike conventional touchscreen, to ensure accuracy, BlackBerry Storm series is equipped with SurePress technology that makes you press hard on the screen until it clicks to get feedback from the phone. Touching simply will incur highlight on selected area. Some may find it such a hassle to navigate through the clicky touchscreen (ain’t a touchscreen supposed to be touched?), some may like the accurate typing that it delivers. SurePress in Storm2 is also improved to elicit faster response and more advanced auto-correction. Multi-touch has become more capable in including ALT and SHIFT and copy and paste during text-editing.

You can switch between landscape and portrait modes easily.

BlackBerry Storm2 is pretty much a do-it-all when Wi-Fi has been enlisted among the already brilliant features and specs, like A-GPS, 3.2MP camera, dual-mode for world roaming, HSDPA support. The improved SurePress and design are also an attraction.

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