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Orange & Blackberry

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Posted by dougproctor
Any Orange Blackberry users had a problem with loss of data signal today? Mine has been off for most of the day and is now.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
Not on Orange but Blackberry has been ok for me on O2 today.
BTW, why post in non-mobile area?

Posted by dougproctor
Had a bit of a brain fart! It's Orange that is the problem I believe. Both mine and daughters data is off!

Posted by Nanu
Mines been off for the best part of today also!

Posted by dougproctor
Thanks, Andy, not going mad then!!

Posted by bearcub24
Noticed mine had gone down around 12.30, when I tried the browser, had "gprs" showing, in frustration I tried a battery pull, got "GPRS" but still no data, seems to be working ok now though.

Posted by Alpha Trion
Service has been restored to customers of Orange broadband following an outage on Thursday, the company has said.


Click to view updated thread with images

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