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LF: T-Mobile Pay-as-you-go Blackberry SIM

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Posted by RLP06
I'm looking to buy a T-mo pay-as-you-go SIM that comes with the Blackberry pearl 8110.

I haven't seen these things sold yet, so not sure on pricing. Since Orange has BIS for 5/month on pay as you go, I'm looking for pricing closer to 2.5-3, so will offer c. 30 for this SIM on T-mo.

Posted by RLP06
No one?

Posted by decoy7
i've heard if you now register in store with Orange for 10 you get 6 months free blackberry services, pop into a store to checkout, cant find anything online to suggest this but a reliable source informed me.

Posted by fatreg
Shelly had one of these I think?

Posted by shelly58

On 2009-07-26 11:08:23, fatreg wrote:
Shelly had one of these I think?

I did but have sold it with the phone

Posted by MWEB
I want one of these, but on Orange, anybody ?

Posted by Trev1982
Your only going to get a T-mobile 1 if someone sells you it from there phone, I I tried to get 1 the other day and they wasn't having any of it, o2 simplicity best bet

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