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LF: Blackberry Charger

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Posted by Berry
For the older BB - 72XX - 83XX Series.

Either the wall charger with lead (type where you can attched the USB cable) or a fixed charger.

Doesnt need to be new, just work.


Posted by fatreg
A moto mini usb charger, tom tom charger or most other mini usb chargers will do the trick matey......

Posted by Berry
Really? I never knew that

Still looking

Formerly "TMAGBERRY"

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[ This Message was edited by: Berry on 2009-02-26 19:22 ]

Posted by fatreg
I know you know timwad, but others might not and may have a V3 charger etc floating about!

Posted by RLP06
They're like 2-3 on eBay for a Moto charger.

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