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LF: (Blackberry Bold waist holder)

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Posted by dougproctor
When I had my Curve, it came with a waist holster that had the upright bmagnetic button it that switched off the Curve as the phone was inserted. It was upright and has elasticated sides.
I am using this for my Bold but it is a little snug. Do they do this for the Bold and anyone have a spare one they can sell me?

Posted by dougproctor
Ordered one from Expansys as got a 10 off voucher that expires tomorrow!!


[ This Message was edited by: dougproctor on 2008-12-21 20:36 ]

Posted by ofiaich
Hi dougproctor,

could you post a picture of what this looks like please?

I am trying to find it on expansys but struggling a little to find it!


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