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First social networking site for blackberry device owners

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Posted by sullenboy
Hi esato forums I believe that I am posting this in the correct section hopefully because I don't want to get in trouble.

I have noticed through out my three years of owning a blackberry that there is a program called blackberry messenger in my blackberry how ever though never paid much attention to it how ever though decided to pay much attention to it lately because.

A: I am bored most of the times I am at work and am looking for someone to talk to.

B: I never really made use of the program and decided since I paid 400bux for the device I might as well put it to good work.

I say that to say this - I have taught of the concept idea and put it into play that I believe many blackberry device users with internet access will be happy for. I have created a social networking site for blackberry device owners.

Well - What's so great about that ?

What's soo great about that ? Everything is great - Imagine if you can look for new friends for your blackberry messenger via one big social website won't that be awesome ? Imagine a site where you can browse for blackberry users nationwide and international make friends, networking and do soo much more. Well I taught of the idea and figured that it would be the next big rants and rave for blackberry device owners. I proudly present the FIRST social networking website for blackberry device owners: Pinswap.me

Pinswap.me is basically myspace for blackberry device owners. The site is specifically designed for those who own a blackberry device. A pin# and service provider are required upon registration. Along side the ability to make new friends for the blackberry messenger program users can also upload and share pics, videos, and songs. This means that you can not only search for friends but get detailed information about that by viewing there profile and see if you share common interest with that person.

I hope that this idea can be the next big break through and a turning point for the way social networking is looked at for Blackberry users.

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Posted by Nanu
PIN exchange from CrackBerry has been on FaceBook for ages mate also we have a thread on here for swapping PINs but nonetheless I will have a looky at your site.

Posted by fatreg
I don't use messenger.

definitely not one of the only reasons I own a blackberry, why would I want to talk to Nanu, Burgaz et al via messenger?

there's no such thing as free speech, well unless you use a BB....

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