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Sony G700 APN setting problem.pls help

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Posted by Mandy
Hi. I have activated GPRS on G700, and i use Dolphin services. However i cant find APN setting on the cell when i create a new data account. Hence cant logon to surf any sites.

When i tried my SIM on a Sony K810, which has a APN setting in the data account, GPRS works fine.

How do i configure APN on G700?????????????

Posted by chuaherson
Just copy your apn fr0m your k810

Posted by Mandy
The prob is there is no APN setting on G700..........

Thats whats causing all this headache.............

Posted by chili
Of course there's an APN setting on the G700. UIQ phones are much more customizable than simple Java phones, you'll be delighted when you get the hang of it.

For the G700, go to Settings > Connectivity> Internet Accounts. Highlight the internet account that you want to edit (assuming you've already created it or downloaded it). Press "Edit". The field called "Address" is for the APN.

Posted by meckam
Just follow chili instruction...

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